~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brighter Than The Sun - a Photoshoot (in video form)

So, I've recently picked up Youtube again! Yay! I'm not abandoning you though. I know a lot of people aren't allowed on youtube (which I totally understand :/ ) so I thought I'd post my videos I make here as well.

I'm currently coming up with a series called Lila, which should be up in mid April... because it deals with weather that isn't snow, (which, it just snowed. right now) I can't post/film and further. XD

Anyway, here is a photoshoot I did of Mia! I'll post the one of Emily a little later on in the week.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Weekly Photo Dump (March 16th, 2014)

So it's been a HECTIC week. I released my Etsy "Zellawear Spring Release 2014" A week early this past Saturday, and was scrambling to finish. There are still four items left, but I've got six packages that must be shipped, and only four are wrapped so far. Fun stuff, right?!
 This was the release. Only the Jeggings, two peplums and a skater dress are left if you wanted to check it out. :)
 I also created a Etsy Instagram because I felt like I was bugging my followers to death on my main account (which I reached 1000 FOLLOWERS ON THIS WEEK'GDFHDH AE'GH)

But after the release, I just went outside and shot these of Mia. I'll have more on my IG, but who cares. You can see them here!

I've begun milking a desire of wanting to start up my Youtube again. :/ After watching Aspen Heights (It's an AG series, but I don't advise younger to watch it)  all day yesterday, and the night before, I really want to. But I know I don't have time for that. It's the sad truth. *sigh* Do any of you have youtubes? (for American Girl Dolls)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring Cleaning, Doll Style!: Spiffing Up That Vinyl!

Hi all! This month I'll be running a series, all about spring cleaning, which even dolls need after a long summer, fall, and winter full of fun. Today I have my first installment: Spiffing up that Vinyl!

I must confess.
My dolls were very dirty.
Incredibly dirty. Like, shockingly dirty. It looked like they were owned by very very young child. Ick
See? Look at that. I don't even know what that is. Something grimy from my floor perhaps. (please excuse the half naked dollie :/)
But there is a solution!
 This! While you could scrub away with water and a teensy bit of soap, or a baby wipe (both work) you could use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.
 Now, you kind of have to scrub, and scrub like you mean it. I had my doll, Kanani in this picture, on my lap, on my bed in this picture. Don't dangle her around by her ankles... Anyway, when you scrub, you will get this fluffy white stuff on there skin. No worries, just wipe it off.
I de-clothed all of them (leaving on their underwear, of course, for their sakes) and had them set up on my bed. It shocks me how dirty the get, even on the top of their hips that are barely ever seen.  Just keep scrubbing and scrubbing! If your girls have grime in between their toes, totally understandable, just get a q-tip white and wipe/scrub hard.
It'll all be worth it. But one you finish the feet and legs, you can move onto the hands and arms. 

Now, you have to be very careful. I'm not completely sure, but I think that this eraser, (if you press hard enough, and that's duper duper hard) will eraser and facial paint, which includes eyebrows, blush, freckles etc. (not completely sure about this but still) Be careful!
So, if you have them available,  I suggest grabbing a baby wipe and clean that face up instead. Be careful not to get it in their eyes, for obvious reasons.

With adult supervision or permission only:
Now, only for EXTREME PURPOSES should you go about using benzoyl peroxide. Its used to 'bleach' stains such as pen, sharpie or other markers. It works wonders, but it is a very long process. I picked up this "Clear Zit" a few years back at CVS, but other brand I know of is Oxy. 10% Benzoyl Peroxide is the strongest you can get without a prescription. To explain quickly, you clothe your dollies, dab some of this white creamy stuff on their pen/sharpie marks and wrap the limb or whatever part of their VINYL bodies have a mark of them (i.e. do not put this stuff on their cloth bodies! No matter what!) with plastic wrap and set them in the sunshine. I've heard it works faster outside, but whether you doll is in the window soaking in the sun or outside, you need to cover the rest of her up with a towel. You don't want the sun to fade her out, since you have to leave your doll like this for a farley long time. The newer the stain, the shorter the time it takes to get out. If its been there for a few years.... it'll take awhile.
Now, if none of that made any since, You can find a great written-with-pictures tutorial over at the Bean Bunny, or the classic Stephenswodadancer video here.
And that's all for now folks! Thanks for reading. :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

American Girl Place New York Souvenirs Giveaway @ Doll Diaries!


American Girl Place New York doll bed and souvenirs giveaway at Doll Diaries! This includes a AGPNY T-Shirt, accessories for Coconut, and the fold out bed you receive when you stay at a hotel near an AGP!
Isn't that cool?! Just thought I'd share! :)