~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How to Make a Dandelion Crown for AG's or you!

 Hey guys! It's SUCH a nice, warm day outside, and I wanted to make an outdoor craft. What better to do than a Dandelion crown! Dandelions are bright yellow flowers that grow literally EVERYWHERE. They are considered weeds by a lot of people, but are incredibly useful ones! The whole thing is edible, the leaves for salad, frying the blossoms in batter, and the roots can be used to make dandelion coffee (please google this if you want to try, I'm not knowledgeable in every detail.
:D )
If you can pick small enough dandelions, than this "crown" can be a great accessory
(or subject) of a photoshoot. Based off the Daisy tutorial, here is my version!
 1. Collect 10 or more (the more the flowers, the thicker the crown) dandelions. Try to find the smallest ones.
 2. Take one of the dandelions, and make a slit close to the bud (if you want a crown with a lot of flowers) or mid stem (if you want a slightly thinner crown)

 3. Take another Dandelion and slid it through the hole.

 4. Clip the excess stem of the first flower, but be carefull that you you don't break it close to your slit, as that could cause the whole crown to fall apart.
 5. With the second Dandelion, make another slit and repeat steps 2-4 until you've used all of your flowers.
6. After all the flowers are used, set the chain on your dolls head, and check to see that it's the right size. Take flowers out if it's too big, and add more if its too short. Once the size is right, slit another hole in the very first flower, and line up the last slit with the first, and push another dandelion through. This should keep it connected.

There you go! You could even experiment with different types of flowers, such has violets, daisies, etc. If you do try it, comment a link to the picture or post so I could see it! That would be awesome.  Have a great day :3
(Psst!! Bonus pictures!)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hola! Aloha! Bonjour! Look At My Dress!

HI HI HI HI HI! It's SHMIA! SHME! XD Joking, joking.
So, I've had a decent week. Not done much, but loving my new outfit XD:
Purty, right?! Yeah, bit girl for me. Highly Floral. But, it's good for warm days like this! From what I'VE heard, Jeneca is planning on making another one of these here thingys... so... if you're wanting to buy one of these babys? Etsy!! **nudge nudge** 
Joking, Joking. 
I think. 
This week I went on a photoshoot with Kanani (who is amazing). She took the pictures above! I will show you some more, because I know you're just dieing to see...

Favorite! ^.^

 What cha think? I like it. Again, too girly, but honestly, I guess I have to be a bit girly. I mean AG did make me a mini skirt.
Se yaz!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Doll Craft: Simple Doll Notebook!

Hiya! Today I have a craft, a simple one. It's how to make a doll workbook, notebook, anything of that sort.
  • Stapler (preferably a larger one than I have pictured, haha)
  • Scissors
  • Any Color of Cardstock 
  • Lined index cards
 1. Line up your index card on the paper, and cut it out in the same shape, only slightly larger. (see next picture.)
2. Once you've cut it out, center index card in the card stock, which will be your front cover.
 3. Carefully fold it in half, and carefully unfold it.
 4. Slid the paper in between your stapler, and try to staple it on the fold, one closer to the top, and one closer to the bottom.
Once you're done, they can be about made into anything! School books, journals, maybe a project book, scrap book, script for a play, the possibilites are endless! ;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm back. hehehehehe...

Yes, it's true. I have returned. Hopefully a bit nicer because like a year ago? I was a jerk. Yes. A jerk.
ANYWHOOOO IT'S MIA DELILAH ST CLAIR!! WOOT WOOT!! HHAHAAH hahaha ha ha ha... What?! none of you ReMeMbEr Me?! I ran that blog, No Guts, no Glory? Yeah. That was mee.
That was also in like um 2011 so hi. :3
Anyway, first of all, I do want to apologize. Because I was kinda mean then. No joke. My first blog post? Pffft. Funny yes. Considerate? no.

Anyway, it feels so good to be back to blogging! Like jumping into an ice cold pond full of ice cold water with ice cold ice cubes, or taking off stinky hokey equipment and proceeding to throw THEM in the ice cold pond full of ice cold water with ice cold ice cubes.. hehe.
What have I done with my life? Welp, beside the fact that I'm TRYING to get into the 2014 winter Olympics ... nothing. oh well I planted a tree yesterday. Yep-er-roo. I've got nothing to say. ISN'T THIS JUST DANDY?!
Kanani: What are you doing?
Me: Blogging
Kanani: we got a BLOG?! AGAIN?! This is great! I'll be back, got to go tell Molly and Em all about this new blog, that way they can post! *slams door*

oh no.
Well, that was fun while it lasted. I'll see you again soon! Maybe I'll start a "Mondays with Mia" (which doesn't make sense because tuesdays are so much cooler) and then precede to insist that one crazy blogging  doll on this blog is enough...


Mia and Kanani Plant a Tree

I know, It's late. My macbook refused to be charged all day yesterday, so I only just now uploaded them. Oh well, at least its here now! Here is my short Earth Day Photo story

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch went the dead leaves on the forest floor, as Mia and Kanani walked along them. "So," Kanani said, setting the shovel down. "Where do you want to plant the tree?" 
"Well," Mia started, glancing around. "HEY!" She suddenly exclaimed, pointing ahead. "Someone chopped down that tree!"
Kanani rushed over and looked carefully over the trunk. "Nothing's wrong with it." She shrugged. "Actually it's much more healthy that the trees in our yard are. It was probably just the neighbor kids or something..." She rambled.
"Kanani!" Mia shouted. 
"So maybe they NEEDED the wood-- what?" 
"I've got the perfect place to plant the tree! Since someone chopped this other tree down, we can plant out tree here, to replace it!"
Quickly, the two girls got to work, Kanani taking the first turn digging the deep hole, while Mia steady the sapling. 
After much convincing, Mia did her part  and made sure the whole was large enough it to comfortably fit it. 
"Here you go!" Kanani smiled cheerfully and gave her cousin the sapling. Mia grasped her fingers firmly around the small tree and carefully lowered it down into the hole. 

When the tree was in, the two girls filled the hole back up, working as a team. 
"There," Kanani said, giving the earth a final pat. "That's better!"

Happy Earth day (again, haha)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Molly!

Happy Birthday Molly! Her birthday is April 22nd, 1936. Here's a photo of her birthday party in 2010, the first one she had with me. (the doll in the background is my friend's doll, who attended too. :) Sadly, due to the fact that I was busy today, my Molly's birthday won't be until Friday, maybe.

Let Him bless your day,

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Hi! My name is Jeneca, and this is my new blog. I'm very excited to finally start this out! I've tried and tried again to find a place to fit in the AG world. I've done Picasa Web Albums, Youtube, and blogging all before... But I'm giving it another shot!
L to R, Molly, Naomi (not mine), Emily, Mia and Kanani.

I hope to post at least once a day with some sort of craft, photo stories, tips or news. I've already got a lot of diffrent things I want to post, so watch for that!
If you can to know more about me, you can go to the About Me page, and if you want to know more about my dolls, you can see The Dollies page.
Oh, and just so you know, this name is temirary until I can figure something better out, haha.