~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 Camp Themed Crafts for AG dolls!

Hiya! It's Jeneca. Camp season is just around the corner... whether it's a backyard camp-in-a-tent, or you're participating in Camp Doll Diaries, I made a nice list of things to make for your doll, that way she can pack them up for camp! (or, for you to MAKE the camp she'll be going to, hehe :) )

1. My Froggy Stuff: Tent (re size for AG)

2. My Froggy Stuff: Doll Sleeping Bag

3. My Froggy Stuff: Lantern (and gum ball machine)

4. My Froggy Stuff: Fishing Pole (re size for AG)

5. My Froggy Stuff: Boat (re size for AG)

6. Doll Diaries: Camp Signs

7. Doll-It-Up: Camp Fire

8. Doll Diaries: Tent Variation 
 9. My Froggy Stuff: Hammock

10. My Froggy Stuff: No Sew Bathing Suit

So, you getting excited for camp? I am!! Crafting time!!


(Psst! Do you know of any camping themed crafts for AG? Comment down below of with the link (it doesn't have to be yours) so I can add it to the list! )

Monday, May 27, 2013

Remember Memorial Day

It's not just another holiday that's written in small letting on your calender. Take some time out of your cook outs, swim parties and other simple things to remember those who have fallen. Remember the brave men and women who fought to free, protect and keep piece for our nation, whether it was to free us in the Revolutionary War, in the civil war, and many, many more wars. War of 1812, World War 1, World War II, the cold war, and many more. Also remember those who didn't die in wars, but those in our families.


Friday, May 24, 2013

Playing with Dolls... Indian at the Shave Ice Shack!

Hiya! So, do you remember when I mentioned that I had a friend coming over? Yes, well, she did! Actually, she came on Wednesday, and left today! I'm very tired. -,-
But, since she helped me finish the Kanani's Hawaiian Shave Ice Shack (long name, but I had to get everything in haha) We got to play with it! She brought her Kaya doll along with her and it was a TON of fun.
 The shack isn't quite done yet, that's why the roof is still card board. XD And, excuse the background... it's the school shelf. These pictures were taken right in the middle of our game and I didn't really care in you could see my school stuff in the background!
Here are Molly and Emily, running up to get the "scoop" (literally! hehe) But it seems that Molly forgot to change . . . and put some shoes on!

Here's Kaya getting her Sour Apple shaved ice. It was so much fun playing with this shack, because you can develop even a bigger story with it!
Even brothers, who are still really little, got into the game! This is George the monkey, giving Emily her lemon shaved ice. Actually, my brothers (their twins) and their friend played with it even longer than I did!
After awhile, the game progressed... and Kaya and Kanani switched places! Kaya had to serve the shaved ice (which she didn't do very well... and used dye and dog hair in the recipe instead of syrup!) and Kanani had to walk around with Tatlo.

That was that! Thanks so much for reading. Have a blessed day. :D

A very tired,

Update on my Creations! (Boxes!!)

Do you remember last week when I posted" Boxes!"? Well, here's what I've done with them!

The first thing is I FINALLY got around to covering the Shave Ice Shack with paper... It looks AWESOME! I still haven't perfect the roof thingy, as it falls apart... a lot. Today I did find the shishka bob sticks, so maybe I can fix it.
See? This paper is amazing. Hobby Lobby has all single sheets of scrap booking paper for 50% off! (price is 59c regular) I bought five sheets and it was just enough.
This is what I've done so far in kitchen. I know it looks very shabby so far but...

A very burnt-out-on-kids,

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Emily's Trip to the Park!

**PHOTOS ARE SIDEWAYS. I CANNOT ROTATE THEM! On my computer, they're fine, on the upload thing, they're fine, but here? NO. THEY'RE NOT FINE. Help anyone?!-Jeneca)

Hello, my name is Emily Bennett. My friend Molly told me that I should post these photos, because she thinks I'm shy. Well, I guess I am, slightly. Today I tagged along with Jeneca to the playground!
 Here I am standing on the very nice rock wall that is on one side of the playground. You can see the playground behind me!
 I soon found this lovely flat rock, perfect for sitting. The sun felt nice. I'm so happy to no longer be wearing jumpers!
 This is the playground. As you can clearly see, it is much, much larger than I am, but it was still fun.
 I quickly went to the other side, as fast as my little legs could carry me. I found these pecuilar plastic toadstools that led up to the stairs.
However, due to my very small stature, I had to use the "get out of jail free card"... also known as a human.
Once on the other side, I set off about climbing those steps. It wasn't too complicated, but I had started to regret wearing a skirt.
 Once I finally reached the top of the steps, I turned, expecting to find the slides. But no, there was another set of steps. I found it was much easier to jump DOWN then to climb UP.
 And once I had climbed down the second flight of steps? Yes, there was yet another flight of steps. As you can see, it is very hard to be lady like and to climb up steps that are half your height.
 I reached yet another disappointment as I came to the first slide. Puddles. I had almost forgotten that it had rained the night before.
 So I walked along the bridge to the other slide, which seemed to be a prison for me.
 The next slide's puddles were much smaller, so I simply walked in between them, and...
 Off I went! (with the help of the very helpful Jeneca, of course.) It was thrilling, however I do suggest a smaller slide, this one was rather scary.

 I began to walk around and discovered a swing.
 How could I get up there? I pondered. I was an inch taller than me, if I stood with my back to it.
 Credit is again due to Jeneca. I will never to the park again without her! If you happen to have a human yourself, or even a step stool, I highly suggest these swings. Very comfortable place to relax! I had to get off soon after, as I began to nod at passersby. I was "plum tuckered out" as Molly said, from studying spelling words for the upcoming spelling bee!
 Thank you so much for reading this post about my trip.

(with a little help from, 

Friday, May 17, 2013


 Boxes upon boxes and boxes and even more... boxes!!
Today, I learned two new things. Number one, hot glue is AWESOME. Number two, hot glue is... hot.
So, today my dad brought home BUNCHES of boxes!! I was crafting like mad for an hour after he got home.
The results?
 This! I apologize for such blurry photos. They are disgusting. XP But, can anyone tell me what this is? Ding, Ding, Ding! You're correct! I'm making Kanani's Shave Ice Stand. So far, it's turned out awesome. All I have left to to is cover the outside with something other than hot pink, attack fake grass for the roof, and craft all the accessories. I've very happy with the results so far.
 Using the newly discovered awesomeness of hot glue, I glued in a shelf inside, too.

So, basiclly I'm LOVING this hunk of cardboard. The reason for my sudden extreme crafting is that a friend of mine (a few years younger than me) will be staying over at out house for a few days, and we will be playing dolls. Serious doll play, like serving shaved ice >:)

That's all I have for today! So sorry for the lack of posts this week, busy... VERY. Even though I'm homeschooled, that doesn't help when you're babysitting a lot. We will be baby sitting a bunch more next week too. *sigh* Saving up for a new camera!
Have a blessed rest of the day, and tomorrow as well!
(P.S. Here's a bonus picture of the ever gorgeous Emily.... love her eyes!!)

Monday, May 13, 2013

I had SOMETHING to say...

Yeah, I forgot. I'll tell you when I remember.

So, it's Monday. Or at least I think it is. Yeah, I think it is. My memory isn't doing very well today. Dunno why, maybe it was to much skating yesterday. I had to practice Saturday, early in the morning, them come BACK because I forgot a bunch of stuff but the coach was still here so she insisted on me practicing for another hour because of the upcoming show... yeah I'm kind of looking forward to summer.
Me!! :D
 I still can't remember what I was going to say... Oh well. Maybe I'll never remember? Maybe you'll just sit there for a long long long long long time thinking and starring at this screen wondering, "Gee, I wonder what she was thinking!" Yeah, I'm not going to remember.
Nothing much else to say.
I've got skate practice again tonight at 7pm. The show is June 1st. I think. I don't know, why should you expect me to be able to remember anything right now? Well, you shouldn't.

Sewing for Mini Dolls!

 Hey there! I've been inspired lately to sew some clothes for Molly's mini doll, Samantha. I opened up some of the American Girl patterns on Adobe and shrunk them down to fit her. The blouse is from Molly's blouse, and the skirt is just a rectangle.
 I sewed some baby ric-rac from the bottom to make it a bit more interesting.
 Using some off-white lace, I pinned it to the front and tacked it on.
Here's another skirt I made, hemming it the bottom with the same lace as on the front of the blouse.

I was trying to go for some Victorian fashion, but it looks more civil war or an adult Victorian style.
Have a blessed day!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Molly's Adventure - Part Two

And we now returned to the scheduled programming... Yes that's right, I finally photographed it. :D (Haven't read part one? Click here to read it)

 At the sight of the Tiger, Molly quickly scurried down the nearby ladder, and in the backdoor. She knew her brother had a gun some where.. she just had to locate it. 

 Seconds later she appeared again, a grim look of determination on her face. In her outstretched hand she held a gun-- her brother's pretend pop gun, mind you.
 The tiger was no longer in sight. She ran very carefully over to the tree and called up it. "All look outs to ground, watch carefully for a deadly tiger, striped, moving at amazing speeds..." She backed up to the tree and again scanned her surroundings. The tiger was gone!
 She peered over fence out at the woods. Suddenly she noticed a small brown blur whiz by.

 "Aha! Hold the fort, I'll be back!" She cried as she took off running, frantically waving her gun in the air. "I'm coming to get you Tiger!"
 Once she arrived the the outskirts of the wild jungle, she slunk behind a nearby tree. The Tiger had again disappeared. There was no movement in the dense jungle brush.
  Out of the blue (or should I say out of the green) came running two furious cats, one a tiger, the other a stealthy panther!
 Molly, determined, held up her gun. The Tiger simply sat and gave her a look of "GRRR I'm a furious monster!!"But, upon looking closer at said beast, Molly lowered her gun. It was adorable!
Suddenly Molly froze. Coming up on her side was a smooth, silky, black figure, rubbing agaisnt her. Shaking she dropped her gun. The panther was right next to her!
 Molly screamed and pelted out of the woods back to the house. Those tricky cats! Looking cute while the other ambushes from behind. "Cats!" She shouted indignantly. Without looking back she continued running all the way to the back door, and slammed it as she walked in.
"Never trust cats!" Molly said quickly, out of breath. Emily looked up to see her friend, dressing up her dolls. "Never!"
Emily blinked confused. Molly did this sort of thing, leaving with one goal and coming back defeated in something completely different. It must be American.
"Well," She smiled. "I see you found an adventure!"

Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day :D (or rest of day, considering it's super late now)

Tour of the Modern Doll's bedroom.

 Hello again! I thought since I showed you my historical bedroom, that next I'd show you the modern one! This one houses Mia and Kanani. Oh, and before anyone gets confused, these are in doll shelves. The bottom is Laylie's cabin, the middle is the equivalent of a junk drawer (*cough cough* future kitchen.) and then Molly's room, and the very top is this room.
 Here is the overview. The bunk bed isn't American Girl, even though it says that on the side. It's just glittery sticky letters.
 Okay so starting off we have this sitting area. The bean bag is an old t-shirt stuffed with socks, and the side table is a coffee can covered with duct-tape. On top of the table is a little bookshelf with some books inside and on top of it. Kanani's guitar is leaning up against the wall.
 The desk area is primarily Mia's, as it has her Macbook and iPod on it. The pencils are little tiny real ones and two that I made. The DSLR is Kanani's. It's just a cheap little yellow camera covered in black duct tape.
 This is Mia's bed! She has the lower bunk. On it is a quilt I made for her with her favorite color, purple. Also on top is her doll (custom Felicity) her dog, and a few stuffed animals. I have one of her skating medals hanging up next to the pillows.
And Kanani has the upper bunk. Her quilt is actually a pillow case, just folded up to the right size. At the foot is her huge collection of sand stuffed animals. On the walls are all sort of posters, one from her favorite shows and different Animal posters. The weird hanging orange light is a reading light, but it hardly works anymore.

So, that's my modern girls room!