~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas! {{Mia Blogging Mondays}}

YAr Har Har and Hello! I do not know where the pirate came from, but MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS! I HOPE YOUR HOLIDAY WAS ENJOABLE. Whoops left caps lock on, hehe. Anywhay, like I said, I hope your holiday was enjoyable! Here's what we did...
(sorry if these take forever and a million years to load, someone forgot to turn of shooting in RAW)
 Here am I, In my brand new lovely outfit that is all mine ;) {{credit to the human for taking this one. There's only so many things that these tiny vinyl hands can do, and taking full link selfies while capturing the adorable bow atop my head? that's not one of them.}}
But I took the rest of the pictures.
 Random, tilted pic of Molly... ? Yeah.  She's still in her PJ's (I'm wearing my fancy smacy new years outfit.)
 Emmy. She doesn't like it when I call her that, but it's a habit. She was "quite" (as Emmy would say) "bewildered" (also as Emmy would say) when I started flashing people with my camera.
And here's Kanani. I've got the prettiest cousin around! XD

How did your holidays gone, my lovelies? It was all good around here! (as you can see) even if the presents were really short this year... I mean, whats up with that? But I did learn (yet again) that Christmas isn't all about presents, and who cares what everyone else got!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Blue Christmas of 2013 ~ Part 2

{{Here's part two to 'A Blue Christmas! I hope you enjoy.}}

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.
But wait, what is this?
A bed empty as cold, gone was the miss who usually slept there.
Down in the kitchen, on the floor she sat,
Pouring over a paper, scribbling this and that

Molly Mcintire, what a sight of a girl,
rushing her pencil about in a whirl
Not a care in the world, but what she received
A girl who was clearly confused and deceived.

Molly took her paper in her hand and folded it, setting it on the couch beside a plate of fresh cookies and a glass of warm milk.
Which a sigh and a visibly heavy heart, Molly turned and walked out of the kitchen, leaving the glow behind her.

Christmas morning arrived with a crash. On the top floor of the apartments, there slept Mia. She was notorious for falling out of bed every morning, and this morning was going to be no different.
“Practice,” She groaned. “I gotta go, Coach Schuberts gonna be sooo mad.” She said, pulling herself off the ground, and groping about for her clothes.
Two hazel eyes and a stream of curls appeared from above her, peering down from the top of the bunk. It was Kanani
“Sorry,” She mumbled, looking up at her cousin. “You seen my skates?”
“No Mia.” She repeated flatly. “It's Christmas! No practice!”
“Again?” Mia asked, confused, rubbing her head. “Did I seriously do that again?”
“You do it every year. Somethings never change” Kanani chuckled, climbing down the ladder.
Mia let out a relived sigh. “I'm glad theres no practice... that means I can have waffles even earlier that usual!”
“Hey, we're up kinda early, maybe I can start the Waffles FOR Emily! I mean, it can't be that hard, she just puts stuff in there and bam, waffles!”
“You do that.” Mia nodded her head, unsure.
The two girls ran quietly down the steps, passing strings of christmas lights as they headed for the kitchen and gasped.
“Presents!” Mia squealed. “But what's Molly doing down here?”
“No clue, maybe she was waiting for Santa. Do you know where the Waffle Iron is?”
Ignoring the question, Mia reached for a letter that was on top of an empty plate, beside the slumbering Molly on the couch.
“Hey, this is my paper!” She exclaimed, studding the purple striped paper that bore her name. Carefully, she read the letter aloud to Kanani.
“Dear Santa,
I'm sorry I didn't get my letter sooner. I'm being retired this year, and I was wondering, if you had anything from my collection in your sleigh, could you leave it here under the tree?
But who am I kidding, I want Linda and Susan! I miss my best friends, We were quite a trio!
Please if you can, can you leave them with me? I can find clothes and things for them, and we can get bunk beds!
Signed, Molly Mcintire.
(if you need some persuasion, I'm fine with waiting a few weeks if you need to go pick them up and ship them here. I have some carrots for your deer and some of Emily's very famous cookies.)”
Mia folded the paper back up and set it on the crumb filled plate.
“I had no clue Molly still missed her friends.” Kanani said, looking over at her cousin, shocked. “I thought she got over that, like, a few years ago!”
“She was complaining to Emily about wanting a new doll, which is so un like her. I'm not surprised she begged Santa for her friends and stuff.”
“Do you think we'll get another “sister”?”
“We'll have to wait until after the humans open there stuff, which'll take a katrillion-billion hours, as usual..” Mia sighed. “But I hope not! We're already crowded in here as it is, I mean, theres like 4 dogs, 4 dolls and a cat living here.”
“Don't forget about Laylie and her cat.” Kanani added, pulling out the waffle iron.
“Hey, she's got space! That's it! If a new girl comes, which won't happen, you can conk her on the head with the waffle iron, and help me drag her off to Laylie's!”
“Mia!” Kanani shouted, scowling at her friend.
“Sorry,” Mia grumbled.
As the kitchen filled with the smell of slightly different smelling waffles, Emily made her appearance.
“Good Morning girls, and a Happy Christmas!” She smiled sleepily. “You're all up early, I do believe I've never been the last one up.”
“Not quite, Molly's sleeping in, as usual. We found her down here on the couch..”
“Oh,” She said sadly. “I hope she didn't stay up all night waiting for Linda and Susan to come--What is that smell?” Emily asked suddenly, wrinkling her nose.
“Waffles!” Kanani exclaimed. “ I made them myself. Wanna taste?”
“Oh dear, you made the Waffles?”
“Yeah! They're a bit different, but I like them. Wanna try?”
Nervously, Emily accepted the plate of waffles handed to her. She picked up the cold metal fork and drew the bite into her mouth, forcing herself to chew and swallow.
“Like them?” Kanani asked eagerly.
“They're alright, I-I- guess.” Emily tried to smile, setting the plate back down. “It was good for a first try.”
“They're awful, aren't they?” Kanani replied flatly.
“I wouldn't say awful. Just different. And that's alright, it's the thought that counts.” She smiled, comfortingly. “Besides, it doesn't, matter about Waffles, or presents, or new “sisters”. Christmas is all about the Birth of Jesus, God's sacrifice for us.”
Mia looked up, confused. “God's sacrifice?”
Suddenly, Molly sprang up from her sleep, off of couch.
“Sisters? Are they here? I knew I could trust Santa! Where are they?” She shouted, looking about with her facing glowing with pure joy.
“No Molly, no new sisters.” Emily replied, shaking her head.
“Oh. Okay.” She said, her facing becoming a grave one and focusing on the pile of presents at the bottom of the tree. “Are you sure?”
“I've not heard, smelled or seen sight of anyone new.” Emily smiled.
“Waffle?” Kanani asked from the opposite side of the kitchen.
“Um, sure.” Molly replied awkwardly.
“But, to answer your question, Mia, yes!” Emily answered happily. “God gave up his one and only Son for us, sending him down to the Earth he made to save us from all our sin. He cares for us very much, and wishes us not to die an eternal death, but live forever with Him.”
All fell into a slow silence in the small kitchen. Everyone received a slightly misshaped and miscolored waffle, each drenched in peanut butter and syrup and ate it without complain.
“So. No new sisters?”
Everyone shook there heads.
“Are we sure?
“Well,” Emily stated, “We can't really be sure of such a thing, after all, it is only Christmas Morning, but--”
“It's safe to say theres nobody else here but us.” Mia ended.
“I should be happy with you guys, and I'm sorry I wasn't. Christmas isn't all about presents and getting things, or even new friends... Thank you for being here guys.”
A chorus of happy replys bubbled up from the room.
“Merry Christmas! Now, pass me another waffle.” Molly grinned sadly, holding out her hand.
I hope your day was great, if if you do not celebrate Christmas, I hope your day yesterday was great anyway! I probably won't do a haul because I didn't get anything doll related... What did you all get for Christmas? Tell me below in the comments! Or just tell me your favorite thing... my favorite thing was the amp I got for my Guitar, since its Electric Accoustic.
Merry Christmas to you, yes you, who is reading this!

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Blue Christmas of 2013

 {{For some clarification, I've lost the pictures to this photo story. I haven't the faintest idea where they went. But I would like to post it anyway, so here you go!}}
The last Christmas decorations were hung, and the lights turned on. Lights danced and flickered about the new kitchen.
Molly and Emily both let out a sigh of relief. “That was a lot more work than I though it was gonna be! It's a lot easier if we're all doing it together.” Molly decided, plopping into the nearby couch, which currently resided in place of tables and chairs.
“You're right. We'll defiantly need Mia and Kanani's help next year. But Mia's at skate practice and Kanani had to go to the Animal shelter again."
“Yeah.” Molly sighed.
“I feel like some brownies. Would you like some too, Molly?” Emily asked polietly, pulling out a mixing bowl from the cabinets.
“Yes please!” Molly exclaimed, leaning over the arm of the whicker couch and turning up the radio. She relaxed back in between the pillows, with Emily's small gray and white cat serving as a lap warmer.
The two were together in the kitchen for quite some time, completely silent amongst the clanking spoons and pouring ingredients, and the soft hum of early Jazz buzzing from the radio off in the corner. The brownies were soon poured and set into the oven to be completed, and the time drifted past with the warm gooey smell of brownies wafting beneath their noses.

“Do you think theres gonna be a new doll this year?” Molly blurted, all very suddently.
Emily turned to glance at her friend, before opening the oven slightly and checking on her masterpiece.

“I don't know, why do you ask that?” Emily returned, confused.
“Nevermind, it was just a hunch I had.” Molly mumbled, countinuing to stare off into the distance with a grumpbled look on her brow.
“What's your hunch? You've made me curious now.”
“Well,” Molly began, shoving the cat off her lap. “There hasn't been a new doll here since Kanani, and that was in 2011, which was like a million years ago--”
The timer rang loudly throughout the kitchen, and the brownies came out of the oven looking perfect.
“--and I was thinking--”
Suddenly the back door flew open, releasing the chilly air into the festive, glowing kitchen. In burst Mia, and the door slammed behind her. All the decorations shook and trembled.
“I had to do my routine like, SIX times today, and coach kept making her perfect my camels... at least I can do it to dupstep-classical this year, but I need to start on my new costume for the show this weekend, maybe, because my purple one isn't gonna cut it... I think I've got a few dollars stuffed somewhere, maybe they'll accept iTunes gift cards in trade for fabric at Jo-anns in the next town over. Are those brownies?” Mia babbled.
“Er, that's great Mia. Would you like one?” Emily asked nicely, obvisuly processing the blur of a paragraph that was just spoken to her.
“YES PLEASE!” Without waiting for them to cool down, she took a steaming hot, deloiously gooey brownie from the pan and stepped back.

“So whats up with you guys? The kitchen looks great!” She exclaimed, spewing brownie from her mouth.
“Molly was just telling be about her hunch that a new doll is coming.”
Molly groaned. “I was just thinking that because there hasn't been a new doll since 2011. It's nothing...really.”

“A new doll? I'd better hope not! It'd probably be the icky Saige girl, with all of her horsey stuff and paints and new fashioney western clothes and talent...” Mia muttered. “and she'd have to sleep in our room, then because shes the “Girl of the Year”, whatever that means and I might have to give up my bed...”
“Well not really, she hasn't liked Saige since Janurary, and she probably wouldn't get her because Saige's hair is kinda like Kanani's hair... I've been doing my researh.” Molly said proudly, standing up before continuing on. “ And I realized there's enough room in our bedroom for two bunk beds and then she could buy Linda and Su-” Molly stopped, blushed and sat back down. “Sorry. I-I should be happy with the friends we've got."
“Toodles,” Mia said, waving her brownie cover fingers at them before leaving the room. “I'm off to shower and change so I don't smell so bad.”

“I thought you didn't like new "sisters".” Emily asked, surprised, sitting on the couch with Molly.
“Well, that was different... Mia and Kanani are just modern... but... American Girl came out with two new MAGs... They look just like Linda and Susan! I think that AG must of accidentally released them in in the wrong section, and they're supposed to be Linda and Susan, so people can get them before we... you know... retire.” Molly confessed.

Suddently, Mia's head peaked into the room from around the corner, looking determined.
“I am TOO historical! I'm from 2008, thank you very much, and that is a year now in history. So technically, I am historical.”
“Then go throw away your new macbook air, It's from 2012, not 2008.” Molly added flatly.
“How could you say such a thing about Eddy?!” Mia gasped, darting from the room.

“Sorry about my attitude, but I still think Linda and Susan are going to come.” Molly said firmly. “Jeneca's obsessed with the 1940's, I mean, we've got a whole kitchen and bedroom straight from our books! Well, almost complete, anyway.” Molly said, eyeing the spot where the floor still needed flooring and the space where the wooden shelves should be.
“Maybe.” Emily replied, trying to be optimistic, for her friend's sake. “Maybe.” 

What do you think? It's different, but honestly I'm not sure why I haven't done it before. I write a lot anyway. I'll post the other half on Christmas, hopefully with pictures this time. :)


Saturday, December 14, 2013

American Girl Graham cracker Gingerbread Houses, a Guide

Today I've got something that's tons of fun to make, and has been a family tradition in our family.. for two whole years! I do it with my brothers, but it's just the right size to make for your dolls. The perfect addition to your dolly decor, Grahamcracker Houses! These are so versatile, I'm not even calling this a tutorial. It's a guide.
and yes, it's edible! No cardboard and glue here folks! Only different forms of sugar ;)
Here's what you'll need: 
  • Grahamcrackers  (I accidentally bought the square kind, buy the rectangle kind is just fine too) (you could also go all out and buy gingerbread flavored gram crackers :O )
  • Icing (Royal icing is the kind that is traditionally used in Gingerbread houses, but I found it too sugary, so I just used cream cheese that we had in the fridge. Get your favorite and go with it!) 
  • A plastic baggy 
  • A paper or tin plate
  • Candys! (pull out all that Halloween candy and go crazy! Chocolate chips, smarties, pez, candy canes,  M&M's, Nerds, Skittles... use your imagination! :oD )
  • optional: Cereal (depending on what you've got, you could use cereal to decorate. Life brand cereal would make a cool roof, etc. Again, use your imagination.)
Cut the corner off of your baggy. Make sure that it is realtivly small, like the bag on top, and not big, like the bottom bag.
Spoon some icing into the bag, and give it a squeeze into the corner. This is your piping bag!

If you have square kind, you'll need eight of them, with some extra for backup. The rectangle kind only need six, to for the sides, two for the front, and two for the roof.

To cut your gram crackers, use a serrated knife and make a line on the cracker, and "saw" it. I held up the cracker to the rest of the house.   

And here's how you put it together....

 Afterwards comes the fun part-- decorating! You could do anything you like. Plaster the roof with icing and cover with cereal, candy, chocolate, whatever! I iced on shingles, basically little fish scales, starting from the top.
 Add on a few necessary things, such as a door, windows, or a wreath... (don't forget about the back! you can just have windows on the sides. ;D )
 And you're done! Time flys when you're having fun... added icing around the base of mine, and even icicles

Don't you just wanna shrink yourself comfy inside next to a roaring fire... and then eat your house?! Yeah.
Maybe just the chocolate... <3

That's all for now folks! I've got several things I'd like to post, along with a stop motion I made late summertime, the beginning of a Christmas themed photo story, and bunches upon bunches of photos form photo shoots! I've done like, three or more, and I took one of Mia outside in the snow today. You can them later on my flickr, and I post frequently on Instagram 

(disclaimer: I'm being serious when I say this, don't eat the whole thing at once! My brothers made houses of their own, and ate only one wall each... and lets just say that were NOT pleasant to be around for the rest of the night. Be careful when consuming these massive amounts of sugar!!)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tour of the Doll House, Christmas Style!

The dolls have finally finished up their decorating! It took the better part of the day to do it all, but that's just because the lights kept falling down (and still are! Urgh!) Let's go from top to bottom.
First we have Mia and Kanani's apartment bedroom. It could use a little more lights, but does have a super cute "Happy Dollidays" sign I made a few years back. :) It's very cute up there at night!

The next level down is Molly and Emily's 1940's bedroom, with noise everywhere. >.< I apolgeize for that, but I love their room with all the lights everywhere. :) I hope to make a bunch more snowflakes and stick them all over their walls, but for now, it's fine.

 And here we have the kitchen! It's not quite done yet, it was my late off and on project this summer, but the flooring will have to wait until next year ;) They have their Christmas tree off in the corner, and stockings hanging around the walls. I also have a little Nativity Ornament that is place by the oven, and a small nutcracker off in the corner from a ballet performance a few years back.

Last but not least (because I LOVE this room) Its Laylie's cabin, the lowest level in my doll house, and the most 'played' in because of it's level. Laylie is my ALOF doll that you don't see much of, and has her own cabin, and apparently a stocking. I'll have to convince the girls to move their stockings down to her house. :)

That's all for now! I might update this post with better pictures later on, but enjoy. :)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

5 Tips for Taking Photos in the Snow (with dolls)

(sorry if this post was ghost for awhile, I published before completed!)
Admit it, its a daunting and dangerous thought, especially if you've never done it before. Well, truth me told, it is. Snow is fluffy water, the exact thing you're supposed to keep your doll miles away from, right? Well, yes, but it can be done!
Before I even start this list, I'm going to say this: ASK YOUR PARENT OR GUARDIAN BEFORE DOING ANY OF THE LISTED BELOW!
Your parents will know you much better than I, and will be able to give you the better answer if you, as a unique person, should take your doll outside in that frigid wet snow.
(I'm not responsible if your doll is ruined, either. I'm not telling you to go out there, only giving you some suggestions)
Alright, that said, let's start!

1. Prepare for the worst! That's right, your doll could fall face first into the snow. It's happened to me before, when I wasn't prepare, and I freaked out. Thankfully, nothing came of the matter, but better safe than sorry. Bring along a small hand towel if you plan to stay out long.

2. Make sure your doll is ready. Put some clothes on her! Give her some sturdy shoes, so she stand better. As long as your careful, she can wear anything, but just like a human coat keeps the snow off of our bodies, the right doll coat can do just the same for your doll. If you're feeling a little OCD about it, you could stuff some plastic wrap under her shirt, to help keep of the water, but no biggie.

3. Get yourself ready... That's right. If you're taking pictures, don't wear something to constraining, but you'll want to dress warm. Taking a good picture doesn't take 30 seconds (usually)

4. Keep your Camera safe! Bring out its case, or a small bag to set it in, in case you need to set it aside for posing purposes. Don't forget your touch screen gloves if you've got a mobile deceive, or if you have one, a sturdy tripod.

5. Set that camera before you go outside. It'll be a lot easier than fumbling around with it in the cold when you'd like to just return to the comfort of indoors. If you have a point and shoot, look for a snow setting on your camera. If you've got a DSLR, do a little reading on taking pictures in snowy scenes. Auto might not give you the look you want, so be prepare to change up your white balence so things don't looking funky colored, f stops and whatever else.

Alright then! I hope that gave you a few ideas, and now, if you have permission, get out there a shoot!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A NEW Instagram!?

Yes! Many of you do NOT know that my instagram, miaskatergirl was HACKED. Yes, HACKED. The email I signed for the account with had also been hacked, but a year before, and Google no longer things I own the thing, so I can't recover it. :( I haven't been able to log into it for eight weeks, and I just reached 800 followers yesterday or the day before. How do I know this, you ask, if I cannot log in? My hacker has left my account hanging in the air, and I can still see everything... just not post, which very much stinks. I do think the fame was kinda going to my head, and I was getting obsessed with checking it, and spending long times on it, so perhaps it was for the good.

But I miss AGIG, so I decided to try this again...  I started another account under the name of "zpobonck" {just like my flickr and youtube} and so far so good. :) I'm glad to be back in the AGIG community.

Happy (extremlly belated) Thanksgiving!

It's never to early or to late to my thankful... in fact, God calls us to give thanks in all circumstances...
So, I'm going to list TEN things that I'm thankful for. Short list, I know, but I can't type out everything I'm thankful right now, because that would take a loooonnnggg time, haha... and I challenge you all to do the same in the comments below. (These are no in particular order!)

  1. My family, in all their craziness complex problems.
  2. The stinking roof over my head, along with those walls and a cement basement XD
  3. A God who loves me and guides me in everything. :)
  4. My cat (yes, my cat)
  5. Alllllll of my Dolls and there things 
  6.  Me Guitarisa
  7. My camera 
  8. NaNoWriMo completion!
  9. My "job" 
  10. Computer! (which means all of you guys too.) 
And that's that! Thanks for reading, and I hope your Thanksgiving was full of family, food, fun, and giving thanks.
I also hope that your  holiday season, whatever holiday you may be celebrating this December month, is great. :D
(p.s, since this got off doll related, enjoy this odd picture I took of the them before Thanksgiving... and stay tuned for a tour of my doll house which has been barfed on by all things Christmas or Winter! XD)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

American Girl Mini Dolls Sale on Amazon!

While reading one of my favorite non-doll blogs, I came across this!
Yes yes yes! Cheap mini dolls from Amazon, of course, while supplies last. If you are wanting to buy yourself or your dolls a new mini friend, I'd jump on these deal. I'm not trying to advertise for Amazon, fyi, I'm not an afflite and don't hold me reasonable for anything... but thought I would tell you. These would make awesome Christmas presents too! Just make sure you check the price before you buy, because not all the minis are price cheap, a few still range from $21 to $26... 
Happy shopping!

(I am an accidental amazon prime member, and if you are not, please comment down below and tell if these prices are marked down for everyone, not just Prime members :3 Thank you!)
(all rights to this image below to Mavis from 100 Dollars a Month.)

Monday, November 18, 2013

How to do a Sock Bun on American Girl.

{Hola! I'm skipping the apoligees, if you wanna read those, you can read them on my "human" blog a little later. -Jeneca}
Hey guys, it's Mia. I'll be demonstrating my new favorite hairstyle, perfect for dance and ice skating, or just to wear around normally, because admit it, they're pretty cute!
I mean, It's so much more bun like and much nicer than a normal twist around bun...

 Count this as "Mia's Mondays" or whatever I called it.
You'll Need:
*a sock bun 
*hair elastics
*bobby pins
 In case you don't know, here's a simple tutorial on how to make your sock bun. Simply take a {clean} sock and snip off the toe. Roll it up like I did above.
 Step 1: brush your doll's hair up tight in a ponytail, securing with an elastic.
 Step two: Slip the sock bun onto the ponytail, and pull up to the base

 Step Three: Flair out all the hair, and, keeping the hair flaired, pull the sock bun up to the tip of the pony tail.
 Step four: Tuck hair around and under the bun, then roll down, essentially curling the hair around the bun.

Step Five: If your doll has lots of longish flyaways, secure with an elastic. Bobby pin down so it doesn't look like it's popping out.

There you go! Now go our into the world and rock that bun!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tightening Kanani's Limbs. {{warning}}

I'd like to say frount and center that this post will contain, um, decapitate dollies. Just a warning, since I know some of you might be sensitive to that sort of thing...

Monday, September 30, 2013

Ancient Memories an American Girl Photoshoot

New video up on youtube.... ek.

So I took these this morning, when I woke up at 7:30 to see a huge fog outside my window. So I did the logical thing.
Rush outside with a doll and a stuffed animal and begin shooting, of course!
Here you go :)

Monday, September 23, 2013

Brief Catch-up and A Peak of All my AG Catalogs.

I'm so sorry for the lack of posts. Even though I'm homeschooled, I've been extremlly busy with school itself and other out-of-house event. I'm on a soccer team, and we go to two co-ops during the week, so things can get pretty hectic at times! 
But I haven't left dolls in the dust, on the contrary I think about them quite a bit, even though I've hardly touched them at all this week. 

So while I was cleaning around this week, I pulled out ALL my my catalogs and thought I would show them to you! Please don't take this a bragging. I just needed something interesting for ya'll (haha) to see. There are probably many girls that have many more catalogs than I do, too.  
So here we go!
Here's the whole huge stack of em'. I really like to go through them every now and then.
I should have adjusted this photo just a tad so you could see them all but oh well. I lined them all up in order of there release date found an amazing pattern...
I've been one to complain about how I never get my catalogs... Well guess what! They came every other! (with the exception of November and December... they probably want to sell, sell sell! XD) January, March, May, July, September, November and December!
(Don't hold me accountable to this, it's just a pattern/guess. Correct me if I'm wrong! :) )

Here are all the GOTY magazines I have... The Chrissa one is actually a funny story... I was at my Mimi's house in Janurary of 2009, 11 months before I even got Molly, my first doll, and started to get catalogs. Well, my poor Chrissa catalog has been through the mill by now, but it wasn't even addressed to come to my grandma's house, it was supposed to go to some guy about 30 miles away!

Well, I hope you enjoyed that quick peak. 
Do you save the AG catalogs, or craft with them? Sometimes I'll get two from different places and cut the other one up. 
Have you noticed the pattern in there arrivals? I can't believe I never saw it before. 
Tell me all about it in the comments below. :3

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Thursday, September 12, 2013

*late* Throwback Thursday... Picasaweb Albums!

Oh boy, I'm getting excited!
Picasaweb was my hometown for AG, where it all started for me. I forget exactly how I found it, but I'm glad I did!
Picasaweb was Google's old photo sharing service, which you can still see and upload today (it converted to Google+, so you have to click "View in Picasaweb albums" It is absolutely overflowing with AMAZING PHOTOSTORIES! There was a few mishaps in 2011, and the "AG community" is no longer active on there. I desperately wish is was though, Picasaweb photostories in the most fun I've ever had with my dolls...
Anyway, here's a link to my gallery. I posted albums on from about 2 weeks after I got Molly(EARLY 2010), until January of 2012. It was such a homey place, oh, how I wish it was still going!
I'm just going to link you to a few of my favorites, but PLEASE feel free to look around my gallery for yourself.

Surprises (An oldie but a goodie! This was the fourth photostory I did.)

Were Off to See the Kirsten... (I took her along to my my friend's house so out dolls could have a play date, XD )
Happy Birthday, Molly! (Molly's first birthday with me, and I invite my friend and her Kirsten doll over)
The Conclusion (I did a three part photo story when I went to Chicago to go and get Emily)

Lost Items, Found Friends (when I first got Laylie... and this was taken in there old closet bedroom, which I wish I still had!! >.<)

 I did another three part photostory when I got Mia... here are links to part 1, part 2 and part 3 , which eventually led up to...
Christmas 2010! (the unveiling on the 'mystery girl', who I had been cleverly hinting and leading up to since October of 2010)

One of my very favorites (and most popular, haha) was "How American Girl Dolls Are Made" I still love it!

I'll stop linking them there, but there are many, many more in my gallery. I apolgeize ahead of time for any spelling mistakes, lighting issues of things like that, I did make the majority of these about 2-3 YEARS ago. XD
One thing that I LOVE and can draw from the "culture" of Picasaweb is that whenever you got a new doll, it was a natural reaction to have a multiple part photo stories leading up to where they "figured out who she was...
 Before I go, I'd like to link you to some of my favorites... I can't list them all, because some of the best have been removed, or lost to be, but here are the "survivors"
I'm sure I'm not the only one to wait impatiently for her yearly Halloween albums... So funny! And during the res of the year, her sarcastic, snarky albums were awesome. Other favorites are any of the Christmas stories, iVy, and the Time Turner series...
Her photostories were long, plenty of amazing story lines  and  so much fun to read. It starts out with Kirsten in about 2006 (if you start reading her albums, number 1, start at the bottom, and number two, give yourself a few weeks to read them all XD) to ALL the Historical Sisters in 2011! 

She took the most STUNNING portraits on AG's that I've ever seen... utterly beautiful photos, and all of her dolls look so... pristine! If you're thinking about getting a certain doll, see if you can find it in her gallery, you can see a variety of different dolls.
There are a few photo stories of hers that just bring back memories, haha. I love the Spy albums, and the traveling doll albums... oh traveling dollies... :)
Were you ever on Picasaweb albums? If so, what were you 'called' back then, I might remember you! I was "Zpobonck" and "Miss Zpobonck" for the longest time, but then I went to Jeneca, my real name, and to Zaidia, my pen name.
Jeneca (or Zpobonck)
(or Miss. Zpobonck)
(or Zaidia Black)
(orrrr Jeniqua Rose ;D )