~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Sunday, August 3, 2014

American Girl Mini Dolls and the Sad Farewell to Normality (okay not really)

Alright, here we go again. 
Here's a photo of the future, re-released mini Sam. Photo CREDS go to @endlessdance on instagram. She found it on a Chinese website. I asked permission to use it. 
(I've decided to look past the fact that her dress is pink and frilly, and instead, look at her eyes.)
Look familiar? 

Both future mini Sam and mini Izzy are sporting huge, over grown eye lashes. 
When I saw the photo of mini Sam and her Isabelle eyelashes, it got me wondering.
Is American Girl going to revamp the minis with furry caterpillars for eye lashes?! (Okay, they're not that bad... I just wanted to compare their eyelashes to catapillars) 

I went and checked the sale items over on Americsn Girl, which is usually a pretty good place to go if you're looking for about to be retired stuff. Usually. 
These three girls have been on sale all summer. I had seen them before, and not thought much about it. Sure, Marie Grace and Cecile are being retired. But Caroline? 
Could she possibly be there because she's being replaced by a catapillar eye lashed imposter?! (Sorry, I can't help it. XP) 
I don't mean to over dramatize anything, but what do you think? Will we have fuller eyelashes on the mini dolls? 
Does this even bother you? 
It bothers me because I was planning on purchasing mini izzy, but her eyes threw me for a loop. 


  1. What bothers me is the hair on that Mini Sam.
    It looks EXACTLY like the hair on one of the Barbie Chelsa dolls.

  2. I have Mini Isabelle, and her eyelashes are painted. I'd get a Mini Izzy before BeForever, because they might re-release her with the caterpillars;)

  3. Oh dear, I guess I'd better get a doll for Ruthie soon, then. I don't like Sam's new face, it actually kinda freaks me out. So sad that AG is going like this :(

  4. I have Mini Izzy, and i was comparing her to my other minis, and they have a different eye shape. The older minis have pointed oval for eyes, but Izzy has rounded ovals. It doesn't really bother me, but I do prefer the pointed oval and natural eyelashes to unnaturally round eyes with caterpillars on top.

  5. She doesn't look like the Sam I know.....:( Oh well that's beforever alright.

  6. I don't quite understand the new BeForever. Tell me what it is!

  7. Check out the new AG website!!!

  8. I hate Mattel for ruining mini American Girl dolls!!


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