~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Monday, November 3, 2014

Mia's OOTD // October 8th, 2014 (and a photoshoot)

Hola! It's me. Today I will be sharing my OOTD, as stated in the title above this very sentence!
This one was fun. Edgy, yes. A bit strange? Yes. Not-really-something-that-could-pass-for-normal, well yes, so am I! HA!
Anyway, let me get on with it.
T-shirt // American Girl 
Shortalls // Zellawear 
Socks // ALOF 
Shoes // ALOF 
Headband // American Girl 

 So when I saw that we had this floral shortalls, and I needed to wear them for a photoshoot, my wheels got churning.
What matches floral shortalls?

 I mean, when its summer, you can kind of get away with just wearing the shortalls... but when its 60 degrees or possibly colder?
not happening.
 So it just popped into my head. To bring out the darker colors in the fabric, and and fall trends, I've paired these shortalls with some Victorian socks (long story) and a simple black shirt.
 So yes, it may look a little strange, but I think it's quite cute.
(plus, I got to go outside and enjoy some warm temps, because now all the leaves from the trees are down on their knees, and no flowers are to be found.)
Fall is beautiful. Yours truly's birthday takes place in fall. It is a wonderful time of the year... It's the only time of year that my hair color matches the trees! :D
Plus, you get to find pretty leaves.

And of course, climb trees.
Here are the rest of the photos from the shoot.

So, go out a shake things up. Wear something you don't usually wear, don't be afraid to try new things!

Thanks for reading, and I'll seeee you guys soooon.
(Here's an attractive shot of me when I feel into the wet leaves and got water and dirt on my face. Yay!)


  1. Wow, I love Mia's OOTD. Gorgeous. It'd be something I'd wear, considering I'm a person like that. xD
    Beautiful pictures too. =)

  2. Oh my goodness! I love everything! The photography is awesome and the OOTD is just- wow!! I love it and would totally wear it!:)

  3. Such an adorable outfit! Love the photography as well.

  4. I think Mia's outfit is super adorable!

  5. I nominated you for the Grateful Blogger Tag at http://polkadotbee123.blogspot.com/2014/11/grateful-blogger-tag.html

  6. Dear Jeneca Rose,

    Hi! Not to spam you or anything, but my sister and I just nominated you for the Grateful Blogger Award.
    We love your photography and just had to make a note of it on our blog!

    Your friends,
    Cornelia and Blaire


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