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~previously American Girl Imagination~

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy Birthday, Kanani!

Hi girls! I know that Kanani doesn't really have an official birthday in her books (she never even celebrates it) but, June 9th, 2011, is when I first got her! (for my birthday) Here's a photostory commemorating her birthday and what the girls did for it. :D
"Come on, it's right over here..." Molly said, pointing ahead.
"Molly, are you sure I shouldn't change? I've been working at the shave ice shack all day..."
"You look fine, Nani." Molly said encouragingly. "You always look great, it would be weird if you went and put something 'nice' on."
"I guess you're right." Kanani giggled, knowing she was the queen of causal.

"Okay." Molly said suddently. "Stay here, I'll go check to see that everything ready."
She quickly dashed off, leaving Kanani by herself, leaning up against the wall.
Suddently, however, she heard her name called. She got up and walked torwards it when...
On the table were two gallons of ice cream, toppings and spoons for everyone!
Her sunglasses slid down her face in amazement. They'd remember her birthday!
"Whoa guys! This is awesome, I can't believe you remembered!" Kanani said quietly.
"Well, if was a teamwork effort." Molly said simply. "I got the ice cream."
"Emily picked the flowers," Molly said pointing at her best friend, who blushed.
"And it was--"
"OH OH ME NEXT, ME NEXT" Mia joking squealed. "Uh, well, I didn't really do anything-- but it was my idea!"
"And here," Mia's hand flew to the table and came up with a huge pink flower. "To replace that hair clip I lost a long time ago... in trade for the sunglasses, of course..."
Kanani laughed and stuck it in her hair. "Of course, I don't need them"
Quickly they broke into a line and began to go around the table, each getting ice cream.
"Hmmmm! Mahalo, this ice cream is amazing!"

"Thank you so much for an amazing birthday!"



  1. Happy Birthday Kanani! :) That ice cream looks yummy!

  2. Fun post! I love the ice cream. :) Happy birthday Kanani!!


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