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~previously American Girl Imagination~

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thoughts on American Girl Summer Release!

Yes, it's true. It was true when Doll Diaries posted about it. I was so ANGRY when I saw it! Seriously, it's obvious that they're doing this just for money money money. Molly is the last of the three original dolls, and has been on AG for twenty seven years. I cannot belive that they are removing yet ANOTHER American Girl Icon. I mean, Molly's time period is World War II. Why Retire her? To make room for others. World War II was HUGE. Why not leave such an important time? Money, but that's only my guess, and my hardened opinion. I am a curmudgeon on this subject.
Okay, I'll hush up on the retirement of my girl. Check the website if you want a look at everything, because here are some on my favorite new things! ( :( )

Striped Hoodie Outfit for Dolls + Charm~ $30

 I love this new outfit, the colored skinny jeans are awesome! The hoodie is okay, I could do with a little less random colored graphics.

 I'm happy that they released this doll, since I know a lot of people go for the look alike thing, and this is a very versatile look... Frankly it looks to me like these girls could be Susan and Linda from Molly's stories!!

This would be Linda, I think. She looks like 49, just with the usual MyAG layered hair.

Classroom Scene~ $12  
This seems like a pretty reasonable price, and it looks pretty awesome. Same goes for all the scenes, I wish they still had the original scenes and settings for the historical characters.

School Back pack Set~ $28
  The back pack sets are always adollable. I love the science book! And the water bottle! And the notebook! And the mechanical pens! But I do not love the price...

Saige's Tunic Outfit~$28
For the AG's crazy prices, I think this is is a bit more reasonable... or maybe I'm getting brainwashed, haha. But anyway, this outfit looks a bit awkward in the picture, but I'm sure it's beautiful in real life! I love the color, and the beads.

New Hair Accessories!
I love all of these! They are pricey, but so so cute. I bought a purple hair clip for Mia a while back at the doll store, but it was very cheap. I love the pony tails, braided head bands, chic bun (kinda) and the colored clips!! So much fun.

So, that's my opionon! I will be going to the AG store this Saturday, so I'll try to get some pictures of all the new releases!!



  1. Jeneca,
    I certainly agree about Molly and Emily's retirement. UGH American Girl!!! Seriously, why Molly and Emily? I wanted to get Emily, but now I don't have time to save my money! (Cries unconsolably)


  2. "Lynda" looks soooooooooo cuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


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