~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Sunday, July 21, 2013

What I Got From AGP Columbus

I told you all yesterday that I would post what I got at AGP last month... well, here it is!
Molly's Polka Dot Dress
Ermegoodness. This has got to be the cutest thing ever. When it first came it, my thoughts were "Eh... I could make that." But for American Girl, it is SO DETAILED! The lace around the collar/down the front, the different style of skirt (not a gathered skirt, but not a circle one!) and the absolute perfection of the puffed sleeves all for $28?! PLUS little versatile white shoes and socks! Very very good purchase.
I mean look at that. Adorable. It even has a cloth ribbon bow-tie in the back. This outfit with her locket and glasses is beautiful.
Molly's Saddle Shoes. Again-- TO CUTE! As I understand, these shoes were a staple in 1940's clothing. My grandma (whom I call mimi) said that she wore them in the 50's too. The price is a bit high at $12, but they are very good quality.
Emily's Accessories. These too are very detailed, and that sweater is so cute! I had to get her accessories this time around. Now I have Molly and Emily's Best Friend Collection! (i.e. , the dolls and their accessories.)
And last but not least, the new store shirt. Actually, this shirt is pretty small for AG's. It's extremly tight and kinda short. If you follow Mia on instagram (@miaskatergirl) you might have seen Molly wearing it on the way home... she left the safety of being historical and jumped into modern clothes for awhile... ;)

Well, that's all for now folks! See you later.


  1. Oohh, cool! I am going to AGPC next month!

  2. when I went to agpla I got molly and accessories but when I was opening her accessories outside the Bristol I realised they gave me emilys accessories but they gave us molly's accessories when we told them about the problem. I love those shoes. . . my dad was born in the 50's. You helped inspire me to make my blog and 13. love the post.

    1. Congrats on Molly! She's oh so beautiful... good thing they were able to swap them out for you. I'm glad I could inspire you. :D

  3. This is hysterical: I went to the AGP Columbus in July and ALSO got Molly's polka dot dress and saddle shoes. What a coincidence!

  4. What a coincidence, I went to AGPC in July and also got Molly's polka dot dress and saddle shoes!


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