~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Thursday, September 12, 2013

*late* Throwback Thursday... Picasaweb Albums!

Oh boy, I'm getting excited!
Picasaweb was my hometown for AG, where it all started for me. I forget exactly how I found it, but I'm glad I did!
Picasaweb was Google's old photo sharing service, which you can still see and upload today (it converted to Google+, so you have to click "View in Picasaweb albums" It is absolutely overflowing with AMAZING PHOTOSTORIES! There was a few mishaps in 2011, and the "AG community" is no longer active on there. I desperately wish is was though, Picasaweb photostories in the most fun I've ever had with my dolls...
Anyway, here's a link to my gallery. I posted albums on from about 2 weeks after I got Molly(EARLY 2010), until January of 2012. It was such a homey place, oh, how I wish it was still going!
I'm just going to link you to a few of my favorites, but PLEASE feel free to look around my gallery for yourself.

Surprises (An oldie but a goodie! This was the fourth photostory I did.)

Were Off to See the Kirsten... (I took her along to my my friend's house so out dolls could have a play date, XD )
Happy Birthday, Molly! (Molly's first birthday with me, and I invite my friend and her Kirsten doll over)
The Conclusion (I did a three part photo story when I went to Chicago to go and get Emily)

Lost Items, Found Friends (when I first got Laylie... and this was taken in there old closet bedroom, which I wish I still had!! >.<)

 I did another three part photostory when I got Mia... here are links to part 1, part 2 and part 3 , which eventually led up to...
Christmas 2010! (the unveiling on the 'mystery girl', who I had been cleverly hinting and leading up to since October of 2010)

One of my very favorites (and most popular, haha) was "How American Girl Dolls Are Made" I still love it!

I'll stop linking them there, but there are many, many more in my gallery. I apolgeize ahead of time for any spelling mistakes, lighting issues of things like that, I did make the majority of these about 2-3 YEARS ago. XD
One thing that I LOVE and can draw from the "culture" of Picasaweb is that whenever you got a new doll, it was a natural reaction to have a multiple part photo stories leading up to where they "figured out who she was...
 Before I go, I'd like to link you to some of my favorites... I can't list them all, because some of the best have been removed, or lost to be, but here are the "survivors"
I'm sure I'm not the only one to wait impatiently for her yearly Halloween albums... So funny! And during the res of the year, her sarcastic, snarky albums were awesome. Other favorites are any of the Christmas stories, iVy, and the Time Turner series...
Her photostories were long, plenty of amazing story lines  and  so much fun to read. It starts out with Kirsten in about 2006 (if you start reading her albums, number 1, start at the bottom, and number two, give yourself a few weeks to read them all XD) to ALL the Historical Sisters in 2011! 

She took the most STUNNING portraits on AG's that I've ever seen... utterly beautiful photos, and all of her dolls look so... pristine! If you're thinking about getting a certain doll, see if you can find it in her gallery, you can see a variety of different dolls.
There are a few photo stories of hers that just bring back memories, haha. I love the Spy albums, and the traveling doll albums... oh traveling dollies... :)
Were you ever on Picasaweb albums? If so, what were you 'called' back then, I might remember you! I was "Zpobonck" and "Miss Zpobonck" for the longest time, but then I went to Jeneca, my real name, and to Zaidia, my pen name.
Jeneca (or Zpobonck)
(or Miss. Zpobonck)
(or Zaidia Black)
(orrrr Jeniqua Rose ;D )


  1. I went and was looking at your pics! They are AMAZING! MY fave is Laren the brave. It had me wondering what would happen next all the way to the end and then it said ~To be continuded~ Did you ever finish it??!?!?!

    1. Thank you so much! :D I never did finish, even though I had almost the entire plot figured out... ;) I had/have a habit of not following through with things.


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