~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Mia's Problem (Part 1)

Today I'm sharing a photo-story that I originally photographed and wrote back in July, but for some reason, I never shared it. Here it is! (Don't worry, it's only a two-parter. :)
 It was a cool, sunny, summer day in White River Valley. Mia, accompanied by her dog Jif decided to take a walk, and see the rubble along the house.
 "Come on, buddy. Molly said that the humans were ripping out a sidewalk over here, lets see for ourselves."
 As soon as she arrive though, she stuck Jif's leash under a rock and took off, leaving him barking.
"I'll be back!" She called, as she ran into the rubble.
 Up and down she climbed, pulling herself onto a large flat slab of concrete. It was hard and cold, not idea for a cool day.
 She continued on, despite Jif's irksome howling and moaning. "I'll be right back!" She snapped loudly.Clearing her head, she focused on hopping and walking along the concrete.
 Up ahead she noticed another largeslab.
"It's just like leaping on the rink, except I'm landing on concrete instead." She thought confidently to herself.
 She leaped...

 and landed unsteadily on the other side, her arms jetted out to balance herself.
 Carefully she scaled down the other side, the last step in sight.
 "Finally!" She sighed, looking back at what she'd just climbed through. It felt like a minature scale of the Rockie Moutains.
 Mia took step backward, to get a better view. Absentmindedly, she felt a moist, heavy breath on her leg, and something furry.
 A sudden "YARP!" caught her off guard. A small white dog burst in between her legs, knocking her off-balence.

 She screamed and twisted around, unsteady. The dog shot out away from her, tripping her for a second time. Mia fell to the ground with a thud, the spikey rockings jabbing her in the side, and her foot caught on large rock beside her.
 Mia sucked in her breath as she sat up and reached for her ankle. "Ow!" She moaned, reaching our for it. It felt warm to the touch, and it hurt a great deal. But, to her surprise, there was a  small, raggy white dog sitting at her feet.
 "You? I climb through an entire mound of rocks and I'm tripped over some by some mutt" She shouted, disgusted. His dark eyes were bright and friendly, and a cheerful red bandana was tied around his neck.
 "Go! Move it!" Mia shouted, trying to shoo the dog off.
He whimpered, and quickly ran off.

The pain in her leg was sharp and throbbing. She'd felt this once before, after a tasty skating fall. She realized her ankle was probably sprained, and sprained bad. To her right she noticed a dirt path leading to the back door. She'd have to pull herself up and hobble back.
Which great difficultly, she managed to stand up, the pain searing, and head for the back door.


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