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~previously American Girl Imagination~

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mia on the Roof - A Photoshoot

My greatest apologizes for the absence! I got sewing again, and then it was my birthday on the 9th of June, so I just haven't been blogging much.
But that doesn't mean my dolls have been collecting dust on the shelf!
I took this photoshoot of Mia on the roof of a house next door to us a few weeks ago:

I would just like to point out that I was sweating at this picture. It is really on on a roof!

Which photo is your favorite?  Have you ever done any risky photoshoots with your dolls?


  1. I love the photos! Their so pretty! The most risky photo shoots I've done is with them in the rain :)

  2. First off: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! my birthday is on the 4th so they are pretty close together!
    Second: My favorate pictures are 1 & 7. But they are all really cool!
    Third: Risky Photoshoots? Oh yeah! Rain, Roofs, Bridges over rushing water, trees, our pond, to name a few, Bring it on! lol.
    Great pictures :)

  3. Risky Photoshoots? Ha! My definition of risky is setting them in the snow three feet away from the door, snapping a photo, and rushing them back inside: ready to repeat the whole ordeal for the next 10 pictures lol! My favorite pics are... 2,4,8,9!! xoxo Grace

  4. Just to let you know, i tried clicking on the meet the Author tab, and it said it could not find the page.

  5. The second picture is my favorite. The lighting is great and it shows off her awesome outfit! Love that outfit, by the way.

  6. I went to the lake and practically hurled Ruthie off the side of the boardwalk, but while still holding on to her. Oh it was scary. I thought I was gonna drop her! But she's fine now.

  7. my favorite is the 2nd Mia has the most beautiful hair!

  8. I have done many risky photoshoots with my dolls, By a rushing river, right next to the lake, and my most risky photoshoot ever, on the edge of a cliff.


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