~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Bad Influence - A Photo Story (Part 2)

(sorry for taking so long to get this up! If you haven't already read part 1, you can read it here.)

 "This, Molly is the internet." Mia said, pushing her macbook air into Molly's lap.
"Does... does this mean I can watch spongebob again?" Molly said, quivering with excitement. Molly, before becoming a strict historical, was known to watch many marathons of episodes.
"Well, um, how about I show you a different show? I promise you, there is a way better one than... Spongebob."
"Whats wrong with spongebob?" Molly asked, frowning.
"Um. Well. Here, watch this." Mia said quickly, grabbing the labtop back and typing quickly on the keyboard.
 After several hours of Mia's favorite TV shows, she closed the laptop. "Alright, are you ready for your next step to being modern?"
"Sure! Why not? Can we watch more TV after?"
"Well, I guess. I thought I would make you an Instagram and get you an email after this..."
 "So what's the next step?" Molly interrupted.
 "Well, in order to really get that modern look, we're going to have to have to get you some better clothes. Your dress is cute and vintage and all, but..."
"Whats wrong with vintage?" Molly frowned.
"Nothing! Nothing"

 "Wow WOW wow does this mean I can go back to wearing that cute little purple tank top with my wool skirt? And my American Girl Place Chicago T-shirt? OH and I can wear colorful striped socks..."
"Um, How about I pick out your clothes?" Mia suggested. She had seen pictures of Molly in those outfits: They didn't meet 2014 standards.
"Well, I guess you're the modern expert..." Molly sighed.
 Mia left the room and quickly hurried back. In her arms she held a tank top, shorts, sunglasses, shoes and a green coat.
 "This," she said, showing Molly the pile of clothes. "Is the best outfit ever. We can post your first selfie on your new IG, and you can look awesome."
Molly hesitantly reached out for the clothes. They looked awful familiar.
"Aren't these clothes going in the next Zellawear Summer Release? Only Emily is allowed to wear them." She asked nervously.
Mia frowned. "Well, yes, but it doesn't really matter. It's not like you're going to run around in the mud. and besides that, these shoes and sunglasses are mine.
 Mia shoved the clothes in her arms and left the room for Molly to get dressed.
 Once they were on, she eyed herself in a mirror. "These are cute..." She thought to herself. "But I thought no one was allowed to wear this coat." It didn't belong to them."
" Don't forget the sunglasses!" Mia trilled.
"I can't wear those, I'd be blind. And Mia? About these clothes..."
 All of a sudden, Mia's bedroom door creaked open. "Mia? Have you seen--"
It was Emily.
 "Molly! What are you wearing? You're not supposed to be wearing the clothes for the sewing release, and besides that, where are your historical clothes? We're supposed to always wear historical stuff."
"I-I," Molly.
 "No, stop, its my fault. I lead Molly up here, and I made her put them on. She didn't want to, but I made her anyway. I went into your bedroom to try and find you, but I noticed Molly was depressed. I didn't try and help her with her problems, I just tried to change her to fix the problem. It's my fault Emily, if you're going to be angry at anyone, be angry at me."

 "What's wrong, Molly?" Emily asked, smoothing out a ruffle in the hood of her jacket.

 "Well, ever since we've been retired, I've felt really worthless. Mia told me I didn't have to be historical anymore..."
Emily gasped, "Just because you're retired, you think you don't have to be historical?"
"I guess. I mean, who am I doing to for? I'm not on the American Girl Lineup, and why sit and be sad historically when I could be happy and modern?"
"Molly," Emily asked gently. "Are you really happy being modern?"
"I guess..."
"You shouldn't try and change who you are just because you think no one likes you, or someone makes you. You are well loved by everyone, me included, just they way you are. You've been taken on the front lines, so what? Does a solider ever quit being a solider after being taken off the front lines? No! He becomes a veteran. Molly, you are a veteran."
Molly smiled sheepishly at her best friend.
"And," She added quietly. "If you ever want to wear modern clothes just for fun, let me know. I wouldn't mind sharing my job of being a mannequin with you.

"Now!" Emily said, clapping her hands. "Who wants ice cream? I just finished making some."
"Yippie!" Molly and Mia both called.
The End.


  1. LOVE the modern outfit Molly is wearing.
    Emily is absolutely correct - you can be true to yourself, be a veteran, and be loved! Nothing to be sad about.

  2. I love the outfit too, and I loved the 2 photo stories! Great job :-)!

  3. Great interpretation of Molly being archived.

  4. Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the outfit!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great story line and theme!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Amelia


  6. I prefer the retired dolls they are cuter and better quality, all except the nola dolls. I am not a fan of the modern dolls and only own historical but I love Mia and Marisol I love them.


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