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~previously American Girl Imagination~

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Goodbye to Marie Grace and Cecile, Ivy, and Ruthie!

Ouch, AG!
And another one four hit the dust!
This is the largest amount of dolls ever retired at one time. Four! Apparently, in this whole whirlwind of "Beforever" (see a previous post for more ranting on this subject...) AG has decided to do away with the whole best friend idea. Whoa there. 
AG posted this on there Facebook earlier today:

"Soon we'll say farewell to Marie-Grace, Cecile, Ruthie and Ivy"

That's pretty sad. Ruthie and Kit. Goodness! Best! Friends! 
Or is it now, NotfriendswithKit!Ruthie? 
(sorry, just had to say that...) 
I am personally going to miss these girls. Ruthie is truly a stunning doll, both in photos and real life. but I suppose she does seem bland to the eye. Those gray eyes, and those curls... truly, she is beautiful. I think Ruthie was the last girl left with gray eyes! Hphm. (please correct me if I'm wrong) (goodness, I hope I'm wrong!)
Marie-Grace, otherwise known as MG has taken all this time for her strange facemold to grow on me. I finally have accepted it, after seeing other people in the AG communtiy post there beautiful pictures of her.  I want her now, but not her as Marie Grace, her as a custom. I hope the reuse her mold on other dolls. Perhaps they'll come out with a MAG that has her face, just like they used Sonali's face mold (which, it too, took a long time to grow on me) on a JLY after she was retired. Several, in fact.
And Cecile? What a diverse looking doll, with quite the interesting background. When they first came out, I was disgusted (as usual) that they had replaced the good old stand by Kirsten with two girls in the same year as her. But now, they are truly a very unique pair. 
Ivy. She has grown on my as well. I see pictures of her, and a doll I once thought just, well, ugh, is now beautiful. I actually had her in my possession for quite a long time, but I was just storing her for a friend. She has such a sweet face, and has quite the interesting hair cut.  I like it. #52 is identical to her, with the exception of longer hair. But there's just something else that is different. Her diversity in the AG line will also be missed, 

In the light of these retirings, another thought has popped into my mind. Will they erase Ruthie and Ivy from the story lines of Kit and Julie? What do you think? I hope not. Ruthie is another girl in the depression, but unlike Kit, she is rich, but still looses everything. I feel that really sets quite a mood, a different view, on the story that would be sadly lost if she was erased. I haven't personally read Julie's books, (or Ivy's, for that matter) (mental note: read those books) but Ivy is Japanese-American, and, yet again, another view on the story, a mood, lost. Not to mention diversity.

I feel the great desire to make a t-shirt saying down with beforever or something along those lines. "BeForever the Historicals!!" For my historical girlies.

Those are my jumbled thoughts. What are yours? Dont' forget, when leaving a comment down below, to mark "Notify me" to read responding comments to your own comment. 


  1. I Highly dought that the girls will disapper from the books. Just the dolls :/

  2. Oh no! american girl is getting to the dark side! Will they change the movies? I hope not because I love the Kit movie and the other ones. Will they change the stories? Seriously someone needs to start a petition! I have loved american girl since 2009! What dolls will they have left? They probably won't retire Addy. And when they retired Molly I was so angry! She was very american considering the fact that she was in the world war 2 time period! Sorry I'm getting so fired up! But I can't help it.

  3. They are not changing the stories. Kaya, Addy, Josefina, they all had friends in their stories; just not friend dolls. Of course the friends are still in the stories and movies! Sadly, Ruthie is the last girl with the beautiful grey eyes <3

    1. I know! I love Ruthie sooooooo much! I really wish she wasn't being retired, but other than that, I also love Cecile and Marie-Grace. They are both gorgeous dolls and very unique, and rather photogenic. Other than that I'm not too fussed. I never really liked Ivy and Julie that much, I guess the '70's just isn't my era. Ivy's very straight-cut hair with her fringe and face mold, and Julies-never really appealed to me, I guess. I've heard they are gradually retiring the girls with the grey eyes, because they are supposed to be more prone to getting silver eye or something, although I honestly don't see why they would be! I don't think I like AG as much as I used to now, with this whole new "Be forever" fuss going on. Personally I think at least Sam's new book covers look terrible for a so-called historical doll! Especially with the ones where she is wearing that pink dress. She looks way too modern. I really like Kit's new meet outfit, but it looks to be more in Ruthie's style (and price range, lol!).
      My rant is over.

  4. WHAT??? If I understood right....they will get rid all the other dolls too!!!!!! I'm just about crying!

    1. I don't think they're going to get rid of all the other dolls, they wouldn't be making any profit then. They are getting rid of Ivy and Ruthie because they are best friend dolls, and they're revamping the historical line to look nicer, and Chang things up, I suppose. Marie Grace and Cecile were not selling very well.

    2. theeeew!!! thanks! you relieved me!

  5. Oh man, every time I visit your blog, I get that song in my head! And another one bites the dust! :)


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