~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Monday, May 19, 2014

Mia's Grand Adventure (and the epic search for the hairbrush)

I emerged from the car after very long car ride. I do not like very long car rides. Period. "Will someone please let me in?" I called. 
No one came, so I shoved the door open with my brute force. Luckily, it was a bit open already.
I quickly pulled off my Chuck Taylor's. 
I had stumbled upon the most amazing carpet I ever did see! It was even softer than my bed. Humans these days, making rugs softer than beds.
I stuffed my shoes and jacket inside a nearby cabinet thingy. 
Climbing up the cabinet, I discovered an American girl catalog!
But there was no time for browsing items. There wasn't anything I wanted anyway, It's not like there's an etsy catalog, or an eBay one.. 
The couch beside the little cabinet, which I discovered was a human side table, had another soft thing. It was even softer than the rug.
Perhaps humans aren't as crazy as I thought... 
Above the couch, there was a mirror. I glanced quickly at my reflection. I, indeed, looked as if I had crawled out of a car. Eeekk. I needed a hairbrush. 
Jumping down from the couch, I ran off down the hallway, the way I'd seen humans go before. After all, this wasn't my first time here.
 I needed to find a different set of clothes to wear, since I had 'accidentally' ran off with a very expensive outfit I'd found... That wasn't mine. 

I peeked around the corner. Bingo! 
Camera bag! Doll shorts. 

Pushing up an empty box, I heaved myself up. 
Alas! The shorts were not finished. But, I noticed something familiar peaking out of the bag. 
My hairbrush! 



  1. Cute photo story! Love how everything human is like alien to her :)jk.

  2. Great photo story! I love how you had her crawling and climbing to get around.


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