~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Mia's OOTD // May 18th, 2014

I don't know how often I will be doing these (certainly not every day, I'd run out of clothes, haha) but every once in a while I plan on showing you what my dolls are wearing.
My girls aren't exactly very high in style. Mia is the only one closeish to being anywhere near a fashionista.  Most if my doll clothes are quite meh or kind of tacky. I keep them because they hold centimental value, or they're American Girl, so I can't sell Individual pieces (I If I ever sell any of my American girl outfits I'd like them all be complete, as brand-new as possible so that they will sell for more) so yeah. All the pieces that Mia is wearing today, were sewn or completed very recently, 

 Tank top//Zellawear
Shorts// Zellawear
Socks// ALOF dolls (Mission City Press)
Shoes// releaserain on eBay (also on Etsy) 

Here are few more photos of the shoot...
I put her hair in a French fishtail braid... I dare say it's now one of my favorites. 

These shorts are going to be part of a future Zellawear release, if you're interested in purchasing... I might have gone overboard on the distressing/frayed part... But it adds to the punk rock look of this outfit. 
Leaf bokeh is my absolute favorite element in pictures. I miss it so much during the winter, I'm happy to see it has returned. 

This is my front yard, in a little 5ft persimmon tree we got a few years ago (probably 4.) it was a stick when we got it, but look at it now!!! God's creation is amazing.

I wonder how crazy my neighbors think I am... I'm always taking pictures out on my street (it's a dead end) there I am.p, sitting, crouching down, in the middle of it. XD I've taken probably 4 photoshoot out there. 
Anyway, which photo is your favorite? What piece of clothing is your favorite?


  1. Cute outfit, love the shorts!

  2. You are hilarious! I have to say I'm indeed in LOVE with your leaf bokeh! How do you do your bokeh? Seriously? I have to pick a FAVORITE?! I LOVE ALL OF THEM!! You are very talented in so many ways! Love the photoshoot! ~Amelia~

  3. Love love love the outfit! It is so adorable! The shorts, the tops, the socks, and the shoes!....Pretty much everything :) jk.

  4. Cute! I like this outfit; it's very much something I would wear.
    Have you been to Clarisse's Closet? She can show you how to mix in AG pieces to make great outfits.

  5. I like all the pictures, and Mia's clothes <3

  6. I love the outfit! Mia is adorable!


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