~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mia and Kanani Plant a Tree

I know, It's late. My macbook refused to be charged all day yesterday, so I only just now uploaded them. Oh well, at least its here now! Here is my short Earth Day Photo story

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch went the dead leaves on the forest floor, as Mia and Kanani walked along them. "So," Kanani said, setting the shovel down. "Where do you want to plant the tree?" 
"Well," Mia started, glancing around. "HEY!" She suddenly exclaimed, pointing ahead. "Someone chopped down that tree!"
Kanani rushed over and looked carefully over the trunk. "Nothing's wrong with it." She shrugged. "Actually it's much more healthy that the trees in our yard are. It was probably just the neighbor kids or something..." She rambled.
"Kanani!" Mia shouted. 
"So maybe they NEEDED the wood-- what?" 
"I've got the perfect place to plant the tree! Since someone chopped this other tree down, we can plant out tree here, to replace it!"
Quickly, the two girls got to work, Kanani taking the first turn digging the deep hole, while Mia steady the sapling. 
After much convincing, Mia did her part  and made sure the whole was large enough it to comfortably fit it. 
"Here you go!" Kanani smiled cheerfully and gave her cousin the sapling. Mia grasped her fingers firmly around the small tree and carefully lowered it down into the hole. 

When the tree was in, the two girls filled the hole back up, working as a team. 
"There," Kanani said, giving the earth a final pat. "That's better!"

Happy Earth day (again, haha)

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