~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'm back. hehehehehe...

Yes, it's true. I have returned. Hopefully a bit nicer because like a year ago? I was a jerk. Yes. A jerk.
ANYWHOOOO IT'S MIA DELILAH ST CLAIR!! WOOT WOOT!! HHAHAAH hahaha ha ha ha... What?! none of you ReMeMbEr Me?! I ran that blog, No Guts, no Glory? Yeah. That was mee.
That was also in like um 2011 so hi. :3
Anyway, first of all, I do want to apologize. Because I was kinda mean then. No joke. My first blog post? Pffft. Funny yes. Considerate? no.

Anyway, it feels so good to be back to blogging! Like jumping into an ice cold pond full of ice cold water with ice cold ice cubes, or taking off stinky hokey equipment and proceeding to throw THEM in the ice cold pond full of ice cold water with ice cold ice cubes.. hehe.
What have I done with my life? Welp, beside the fact that I'm TRYING to get into the 2014 winter Olympics ... nothing. oh well I planted a tree yesterday. Yep-er-roo. I've got nothing to say. ISN'T THIS JUST DANDY?!
Kanani: What are you doing?
Me: Blogging
Kanani: we got a BLOG?! AGAIN?! This is great! I'll be back, got to go tell Molly and Em all about this new blog, that way they can post! *slams door*

oh no.
Well, that was fun while it lasted. I'll see you again soon! Maybe I'll start a "Mondays with Mia" (which doesn't make sense because tuesdays are so much cooler) and then precede to insist that one crazy blogging  doll on this blog is enough...


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