~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Name Change: Yes or No?

I realized that today I've only gotten 3 page view n my blog. I'm not trying to be conceited or all like NOOOO ONE LIKES ME I just thought that it was odd, because I get at least 10 a day... and then I remembered I changed the name of my blog.

I never truly like the name American Girl Imagination. One of my biggest troubles in life (XD) is naming things, which falls right in like in making a dessicion. I really wanted to get my blog going, so I finally picked something I could go with for some time and went live. But then I came of with Vinyl Girls, which is an obvius play on words with dolls and the fact that they're vinyl... and all of mine, anyway, are girls.
(I'm including a picture so this post will look more enticing and people will read it. xD)

But American Girl Imagination does kinda give more of a clue in on the fact that this is a DOLL BLOG about DOLLS and other DOLLY THINGS.

So, yes or no? Do you like it or not? You can vote in the poll that is to the right of this post, and if you have a further comment or suggestion, you can comment below. I read all my comments. :)


  1. ^ So do I! I was confused when i saw the header the because I didn't remember following Vinyl Girls, but I totally get it now! I like it, and if the header is a dolly picture then people will be sure to realize it's a doll blog. Don't worry about it not making sense to new-comers, a ton of blogs aren't what the name makes them sound. NeverGrowUp could be a Taylor Swift fan club, Doll Diaries could be written form a doll's point of view, The Spicy's could be a Mexican food blog!
    Sorry to bring up my own troubles, but do you think my blog name is OK? I'll like yours no matter what it is :)

    I like the new color, too!

  2. I like your name! Its very creative! I guess I had better admit it. I really like your blog but for some reason its one of the blogs that I skip reading because I have other things i need to do. etc. :( I should read it more! Oh and pictures Do help people look at a post...... :) Your picture worked for me!

    1. No, thank you for telling me this! :D What do you think I could to to improve?

  3. It took me forever to come up with my AG blog name! (It's Girly Doll Type!) I decided this name was my favorite because it's for girly-girls who LOVE dolls! They are the DOLL TYPE! lol

    But, whenever I try to think of a name, I think "What's easy to remember?" Because I know a lot of AWESOME blogs, but I forget their name so I can't go back to their blog! :( Also, here are some name ideas I just thought up of just now. You can use any you want! You also don't have to use any at all if you decide to keep you name. :)

    -Simply American Girl

    -AG So Girl

    -AG Dream

    -AG Girly American

    Those are just the first things that came to mind! lol Hope this helped!

    -Meghan at Girlydolltype


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