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~previously American Girl Imagination~

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thoughts on Isabelle

It's been an exciting day at AG... did anyone notice that the Isabelle mini doll is already sold out? Yeah! It's day one. I guess that $24 for a small version is a whole lot more appealing to $120 for the big one. ;) I'm going to be sharing with you today what I think of Isabelle, since everyone is so eagar to hear my opions... *crickets*
Yes! Let's get on with it. :o) 
First of all, I would like to point something hillarous out to you... I literally laughed out loud at this. 
 Notice what this image says in the lower right hand corner, "Doll hair does not move on its own" Is it just me, or is that funny?! If you would like to see Isabelle's following locks (AG really got into the hair movement this year,  if you look at the stock photo you'll see what I mean

... I like it :D ) 
But let's talk Izzy. Which, by the way, I will call her in this "review" of sorts. She's pretty, I suppose. I like the pink hair, even though I don't like the color pink.  Ombre hair on a doll is neat! Her meet outfits a little... dull. I like the shoes, the tops a bit funky, and the pants are cool. But for a meet outfit its just a little on the blah side. As an outfit though, I do like it. She does look like Lanie whoses bought a hair straightener, and her personality is a reformation of Marisol's interests... hm.

 This is better than some accessories I've seen over the years. Kanani's was the worst. The jacket is cute, though. It kinda reminds me of the LJC Motorcycle jacket! Good job, AG.
 This mini doll? CUTE. I love mini things, and this is adorable. She represents the doll well, all except... her eyelashes. The things are massive! They're longer than mine, and I've got longish eyelashes. It looks like the poor girls been through a few layers of mascara. Other than that, za'lls good. I might buy her. Maybe.
 These things... confuse me. Sure, she's a ballet dancer, but why make her PJ PANTS look like a skirt. The tops cute, but not for PJ's.
 Now this, I like! No, I love this studio! It's adorable. From the poofy chair skirt, (<3!!) the drawers in the wardrobe, the sewing machine, the fact it's a stinking wardrobe to the dress form. I love it! All but the price. $259?? I'm sorry to say, but this could be made one way or another for wayyy cheaper than that. This item will never enter my collection, and I'm just fine with that. What would I do with it when none of my dolls sew? (except maybe Emily.)
 It's interesting. I like the skirt, and the shoes. It seems a bit to accessory heavy, and from what I've seen in real life photos of the shoes, they're blue. It's okay.
The dress? It's growing on me. I thought it looked just plain weird at first, but I like it more now. :)
There are more items to her collection, which you can see and discover for yourself...

But in conclusion? Isabelle will probably not be joining my collection. My tastes lay to deeply in historical AG. Plus her pricing is just annoying.  $110 for a doll was just plain silly, but $120? I had hoped that it was just a Canadian price (I realize that prices in Canada are a wee higher-- I'm not poking fun) but I hope that this isn't the solid price now for GOTY's. Maybe it's just because of the hair clip? 
Oh well. 
There's my opoion; what's yours? Tell me in the comments below what YOU think of Isabelle... I'd love to hear it ;D


  1. Yes!!! I saw the "doll hair does not move on its own" on the website and I couldn't stop laughing! :)

  2. Perhaps Mattel is going "Barbie" with the hair movement this year...

    1. I hope not! I don't think they will, just because their customers have grown accustomed to a wide variety of dolls from more tom boyish to pink and dresses. But you never know...


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