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~previously American Girl Imagination~

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekly Photo Dump: Sewing Sew Much

Hello! It's a day late, sorry about that, I forgot, and Picasa was malfunctioning last night...But here it is!
 I made my first circle skirt! I love it so much, it's adorable, and you just might see in in my Etsy shop in the coming month... ;) The image to the right is another creation that will find a home at Etsy soon, but I'm not going to post any more of it, it's a surprise...
 I also tried leggings, but had to adapt from one of those generic patterns you buy at fabric stores. (I'm to cheap to buy the real pattern from Pixie Faire XP) In the end though, they turned out nothing like the pattern. I will be keeping this pair for myself, just because they're so messy ( and kind of baggy in the back) but hopefully will be making another pair to sell.
Molly has missed out on all the designing fun these weeks, but it doesn't look like she minds to much ;)
 Emily has been my dolly manikin for this sewing adventure, I'm not quite sure why but it's been an interesting 'bonding' experience, as I never do much with Emmy.
I also tried to make a tutorial on how to turn a hoodie sleeve into scrunchy doll pants, but I forgot to take the rest of the pictures, so I only have this one and one other... won't be posting that now. XD
But, until next time,
{{P.S. do you like my new design? I'm still experimenting {and learning} so its not quite done yet, but for now, it's done. XD }}


  1. Fun stuff- your sewing machine must work much better than mine XP. I do like the new design. Loving the header- what program did you use to make it?

  2. I love that polka dot skirt, I would love one in purple .. I am a purpleoloic LOL Marsali

  3. Love the circle skirt. Very cute pattern and fabric.
    Did you know that Emmy was the name of the main character in the movie Mannequin from the 1980s? ( http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093493/ ) Maybe that's why she's been enjoying this time with you.


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