~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Blue Christmas of 2013

 {{For some clarification, I've lost the pictures to this photo story. I haven't the faintest idea where they went. But I would like to post it anyway, so here you go!}}
The last Christmas decorations were hung, and the lights turned on. Lights danced and flickered about the new kitchen.
Molly and Emily both let out a sigh of relief. “That was a lot more work than I though it was gonna be! It's a lot easier if we're all doing it together.” Molly decided, plopping into the nearby couch, which currently resided in place of tables and chairs.
“You're right. We'll defiantly need Mia and Kanani's help next year. But Mia's at skate practice and Kanani had to go to the Animal shelter again."
“Yeah.” Molly sighed.
“I feel like some brownies. Would you like some too, Molly?” Emily asked polietly, pulling out a mixing bowl from the cabinets.
“Yes please!” Molly exclaimed, leaning over the arm of the whicker couch and turning up the radio. She relaxed back in between the pillows, with Emily's small gray and white cat serving as a lap warmer.
The two were together in the kitchen for quite some time, completely silent amongst the clanking spoons and pouring ingredients, and the soft hum of early Jazz buzzing from the radio off in the corner. The brownies were soon poured and set into the oven to be completed, and the time drifted past with the warm gooey smell of brownies wafting beneath their noses.

“Do you think theres gonna be a new doll this year?” Molly blurted, all very suddently.
Emily turned to glance at her friend, before opening the oven slightly and checking on her masterpiece.

“I don't know, why do you ask that?” Emily returned, confused.
“Nevermind, it was just a hunch I had.” Molly mumbled, countinuing to stare off into the distance with a grumpbled look on her brow.
“What's your hunch? You've made me curious now.”
“Well,” Molly began, shoving the cat off her lap. “There hasn't been a new doll here since Kanani, and that was in 2011, which was like a million years ago--”
The timer rang loudly throughout the kitchen, and the brownies came out of the oven looking perfect.
“--and I was thinking--”
Suddenly the back door flew open, releasing the chilly air into the festive, glowing kitchen. In burst Mia, and the door slammed behind her. All the decorations shook and trembled.
“I had to do my routine like, SIX times today, and coach kept making her perfect my camels... at least I can do it to dupstep-classical this year, but I need to start on my new costume for the show this weekend, maybe, because my purple one isn't gonna cut it... I think I've got a few dollars stuffed somewhere, maybe they'll accept iTunes gift cards in trade for fabric at Jo-anns in the next town over. Are those brownies?” Mia babbled.
“Er, that's great Mia. Would you like one?” Emily asked nicely, obvisuly processing the blur of a paragraph that was just spoken to her.
“YES PLEASE!” Without waiting for them to cool down, she took a steaming hot, deloiously gooey brownie from the pan and stepped back.

“So whats up with you guys? The kitchen looks great!” She exclaimed, spewing brownie from her mouth.
“Molly was just telling be about her hunch that a new doll is coming.”
Molly groaned. “I was just thinking that because there hasn't been a new doll since 2011. It's nothing...really.”

“A new doll? I'd better hope not! It'd probably be the icky Saige girl, with all of her horsey stuff and paints and new fashioney western clothes and talent...” Mia muttered. “and she'd have to sleep in our room, then because shes the “Girl of the Year”, whatever that means and I might have to give up my bed...”
“Well not really, she hasn't liked Saige since Janurary, and she probably wouldn't get her because Saige's hair is kinda like Kanani's hair... I've been doing my researh.” Molly said proudly, standing up before continuing on. “ And I realized there's enough room in our bedroom for two bunk beds and then she could buy Linda and Su-” Molly stopped, blushed and sat back down. “Sorry. I-I should be happy with the friends we've got."
“Toodles,” Mia said, waving her brownie cover fingers at them before leaving the room. “I'm off to shower and change so I don't smell so bad.”

“I thought you didn't like new "sisters".” Emily asked, surprised, sitting on the couch with Molly.
“Well, that was different... Mia and Kanani are just modern... but... American Girl came out with two new MAGs... They look just like Linda and Susan! I think that AG must of accidentally released them in in the wrong section, and they're supposed to be Linda and Susan, so people can get them before we... you know... retire.” Molly confessed.

Suddently, Mia's head peaked into the room from around the corner, looking determined.
“I am TOO historical! I'm from 2008, thank you very much, and that is a year now in history. So technically, I am historical.”
“Then go throw away your new macbook air, It's from 2012, not 2008.” Molly added flatly.
“How could you say such a thing about Eddy?!” Mia gasped, darting from the room.

“Sorry about my attitude, but I still think Linda and Susan are going to come.” Molly said firmly. “Jeneca's obsessed with the 1940's, I mean, we've got a whole kitchen and bedroom straight from our books! Well, almost complete, anyway.” Molly said, eyeing the spot where the floor still needed flooring and the space where the wooden shelves should be.
“Maybe.” Emily replied, trying to be optimistic, for her friend's sake. “Maybe.” 

What do you think? It's different, but honestly I'm not sure why I haven't done it before. I write a lot anyway. I'll post the other half on Christmas, hopefully with pictures this time. :)



  1. Wow, this is so cute! I hardly noticed the missing pictures because it was so well done. The picture at the top matched the story perfectly. So amazing!

  2. What a cute post! The decoration and storyline are absolutely amazing:)
    Check my blog out sometime!

  3. Hiyah! are your mia's eyes really really green, but still kinda hazel? Cuz' I just got her and her eyes are really green!

    1. I'd say they're hazel... Has your Mia gotten a new head recently? AG just changed the Hazel eyes up, or so I think. :)


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