~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Monday, December 30, 2013

Merry Christmas! {{Mia Blogging Mondays}}

YAr Har Har and Hello! I do not know where the pirate came from, but MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS! I HOPE YOUR HOLIDAY WAS ENJOABLE. Whoops left caps lock on, hehe. Anywhay, like I said, I hope your holiday was enjoyable! Here's what we did...
(sorry if these take forever and a million years to load, someone forgot to turn of shooting in RAW)
 Here am I, In my brand new lovely outfit that is all mine ;) {{credit to the human for taking this one. There's only so many things that these tiny vinyl hands can do, and taking full link selfies while capturing the adorable bow atop my head? that's not one of them.}}
But I took the rest of the pictures.
 Random, tilted pic of Molly... ? Yeah.  She's still in her PJ's (I'm wearing my fancy smacy new years outfit.)
 Emmy. She doesn't like it when I call her that, but it's a habit. She was "quite" (as Emmy would say) "bewildered" (also as Emmy would say) when I started flashing people with my camera.
And here's Kanani. I've got the prettiest cousin around! XD

How did your holidays gone, my lovelies? It was all good around here! (as you can see) even if the presents were really short this year... I mean, whats up with that? But I did learn (yet again) that Christmas isn't all about presents, and who cares what everyone else got!

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