~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Blue Christmas of 2013 ~ Part 2

{{Here's part two to 'A Blue Christmas! I hope you enjoy.}}

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
In hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there.

The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums danced in their heads.
But wait, what is this?
A bed empty as cold, gone was the miss who usually slept there.
Down in the kitchen, on the floor she sat,
Pouring over a paper, scribbling this and that

Molly Mcintire, what a sight of a girl,
rushing her pencil about in a whirl
Not a care in the world, but what she received
A girl who was clearly confused and deceived.

Molly took her paper in her hand and folded it, setting it on the couch beside a plate of fresh cookies and a glass of warm milk.
Which a sigh and a visibly heavy heart, Molly turned and walked out of the kitchen, leaving the glow behind her.

Christmas morning arrived with a crash. On the top floor of the apartments, there slept Mia. She was notorious for falling out of bed every morning, and this morning was going to be no different.
“Practice,” She groaned. “I gotta go, Coach Schuberts gonna be sooo mad.” She said, pulling herself off the ground, and groping about for her clothes.
Two hazel eyes and a stream of curls appeared from above her, peering down from the top of the bunk. It was Kanani
“Sorry,” She mumbled, looking up at her cousin. “You seen my skates?”
“No Mia.” She repeated flatly. “It's Christmas! No practice!”
“Again?” Mia asked, confused, rubbing her head. “Did I seriously do that again?”
“You do it every year. Somethings never change” Kanani chuckled, climbing down the ladder.
Mia let out a relived sigh. “I'm glad theres no practice... that means I can have waffles even earlier that usual!”
“Hey, we're up kinda early, maybe I can start the Waffles FOR Emily! I mean, it can't be that hard, she just puts stuff in there and bam, waffles!”
“You do that.” Mia nodded her head, unsure.
The two girls ran quietly down the steps, passing strings of christmas lights as they headed for the kitchen and gasped.
“Presents!” Mia squealed. “But what's Molly doing down here?”
“No clue, maybe she was waiting for Santa. Do you know where the Waffle Iron is?”
Ignoring the question, Mia reached for a letter that was on top of an empty plate, beside the slumbering Molly on the couch.
“Hey, this is my paper!” She exclaimed, studding the purple striped paper that bore her name. Carefully, she read the letter aloud to Kanani.
“Dear Santa,
I'm sorry I didn't get my letter sooner. I'm being retired this year, and I was wondering, if you had anything from my collection in your sleigh, could you leave it here under the tree?
But who am I kidding, I want Linda and Susan! I miss my best friends, We were quite a trio!
Please if you can, can you leave them with me? I can find clothes and things for them, and we can get bunk beds!
Signed, Molly Mcintire.
(if you need some persuasion, I'm fine with waiting a few weeks if you need to go pick them up and ship them here. I have some carrots for your deer and some of Emily's very famous cookies.)”
Mia folded the paper back up and set it on the crumb filled plate.
“I had no clue Molly still missed her friends.” Kanani said, looking over at her cousin, shocked. “I thought she got over that, like, a few years ago!”
“She was complaining to Emily about wanting a new doll, which is so un like her. I'm not surprised she begged Santa for her friends and stuff.”
“Do you think we'll get another “sister”?”
“We'll have to wait until after the humans open there stuff, which'll take a katrillion-billion hours, as usual..” Mia sighed. “But I hope not! We're already crowded in here as it is, I mean, theres like 4 dogs, 4 dolls and a cat living here.”
“Don't forget about Laylie and her cat.” Kanani added, pulling out the waffle iron.
“Hey, she's got space! That's it! If a new girl comes, which won't happen, you can conk her on the head with the waffle iron, and help me drag her off to Laylie's!”
“Mia!” Kanani shouted, scowling at her friend.
“Sorry,” Mia grumbled.
As the kitchen filled with the smell of slightly different smelling waffles, Emily made her appearance.
“Good Morning girls, and a Happy Christmas!” She smiled sleepily. “You're all up early, I do believe I've never been the last one up.”
“Not quite, Molly's sleeping in, as usual. We found her down here on the couch..”
“Oh,” She said sadly. “I hope she didn't stay up all night waiting for Linda and Susan to come--What is that smell?” Emily asked suddenly, wrinkling her nose.
“Waffles!” Kanani exclaimed. “ I made them myself. Wanna taste?”
“Oh dear, you made the Waffles?”
“Yeah! They're a bit different, but I like them. Wanna try?”
Nervously, Emily accepted the plate of waffles handed to her. She picked up the cold metal fork and drew the bite into her mouth, forcing herself to chew and swallow.
“Like them?” Kanani asked eagerly.
“They're alright, I-I- guess.” Emily tried to smile, setting the plate back down. “It was good for a first try.”
“They're awful, aren't they?” Kanani replied flatly.
“I wouldn't say awful. Just different. And that's alright, it's the thought that counts.” She smiled, comfortingly. “Besides, it doesn't, matter about Waffles, or presents, or new “sisters”. Christmas is all about the Birth of Jesus, God's sacrifice for us.”
Mia looked up, confused. “God's sacrifice?”
Suddenly, Molly sprang up from her sleep, off of couch.
“Sisters? Are they here? I knew I could trust Santa! Where are they?” She shouted, looking about with her facing glowing with pure joy.
“No Molly, no new sisters.” Emily replied, shaking her head.
“Oh. Okay.” She said, her facing becoming a grave one and focusing on the pile of presents at the bottom of the tree. “Are you sure?”
“I've not heard, smelled or seen sight of anyone new.” Emily smiled.
“Waffle?” Kanani asked from the opposite side of the kitchen.
“Um, sure.” Molly replied awkwardly.
“But, to answer your question, Mia, yes!” Emily answered happily. “God gave up his one and only Son for us, sending him down to the Earth he made to save us from all our sin. He cares for us very much, and wishes us not to die an eternal death, but live forever with Him.”
All fell into a slow silence in the small kitchen. Everyone received a slightly misshaped and miscolored waffle, each drenched in peanut butter and syrup and ate it without complain.
“So. No new sisters?”
Everyone shook there heads.
“Are we sure?
“Well,” Emily stated, “We can't really be sure of such a thing, after all, it is only Christmas Morning, but--”
“It's safe to say theres nobody else here but us.” Mia ended.
“I should be happy with you guys, and I'm sorry I wasn't. Christmas isn't all about presents and getting things, or even new friends... Thank you for being here guys.”
A chorus of happy replys bubbled up from the room.
“Merry Christmas! Now, pass me another waffle.” Molly grinned sadly, holding out her hand.
I hope your day was great, if if you do not celebrate Christmas, I hope your day yesterday was great anyway! I probably won't do a haul because I didn't get anything doll related... What did you all get for Christmas? Tell me below in the comments! Or just tell me your favorite thing... my favorite thing was the amp I got for my Guitar, since its Electric Accoustic.
Merry Christmas to you, yes you, who is reading this!


  1. Sorry all your pictures vanished :(. That happened to me the other day. I like the story even without the pictures, through :)

    1. Thanks! I didn't even bother to take the pictures this time around, haha. :)

  2. I got a sled for Christmas!


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