~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tour of Molly and Emily's Historical Bedroom!

Hello! Today I'm going o be giving you a tour of Molly and Emily's bedroom... based off of the books, of course. :)
So, here is an overview of there bedroom. The walls are painted wall paper, which were color matched at lowe's from a picture in the Meet Emily book. I cut a star shape in a circle sponge and that's how the stars got there. :)
Okay, so first of all is their dresser. It's actually jewelry box that plays "Home on the Range." But, it has drawers, so I keep their Pajamas inside.  On top we have a picture of Molly's dad, a mini kodak film for the camera, molly's nurse doll, and Emily's American Girls.
On Emily's side, we have her bed, which is actually her box, covered in red fleece. On top is a pillow, her stuffies, her cat, Ghost, and two blankets that I made. At the foot, is her yarn basket and a pile of school books.

On Molly's side is her bed, which is also her box covered in fleece. On top of her are her pillows, her Samantha doll, and two blanket's I've made. The wall next to her she has some pictures taped up, mostly of family members. Shoved between the bed and dresser are all of her bags (and camera) Oh, and the dog is her dog, Bennett.
Here's everything in action! Thank you so much for looking, Molly and Emily's bedroom has got to be my favorite. :)
 Do you have bedrooms for your dolls?


  1. it's set up so nicely, I <3 it!!

    ~ Claire @carrotandclaire.blogspot.com

  2. Where is your dollhouse located in your house?


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