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~previously American Girl Imagination~

Friday, May 24, 2013

Playing with Dolls... Indian at the Shave Ice Shack!

Hiya! So, do you remember when I mentioned that I had a friend coming over? Yes, well, she did! Actually, she came on Wednesday, and left today! I'm very tired. -,-
But, since she helped me finish the Kanani's Hawaiian Shave Ice Shack (long name, but I had to get everything in haha) We got to play with it! She brought her Kaya doll along with her and it was a TON of fun.
 The shack isn't quite done yet, that's why the roof is still card board. XD And, excuse the background... it's the school shelf. These pictures were taken right in the middle of our game and I didn't really care in you could see my school stuff in the background!
Here are Molly and Emily, running up to get the "scoop" (literally! hehe) But it seems that Molly forgot to change . . . and put some shoes on!

Here's Kaya getting her Sour Apple shaved ice. It was so much fun playing with this shack, because you can develop even a bigger story with it!
Even brothers, who are still really little, got into the game! This is George the monkey, giving Emily her lemon shaved ice. Actually, my brothers (their twins) and their friend played with it even longer than I did!
After awhile, the game progressed... and Kaya and Kanani switched places! Kaya had to serve the shaved ice (which she didn't do very well... and used dye and dog hair in the recipe instead of syrup!) and Kanani had to walk around with Tatlo.

That was that! Thanks so much for reading. Have a blessed day. :D

A very tired,

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