~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tour of the Modern Doll's bedroom.

 Hello again! I thought since I showed you my historical bedroom, that next I'd show you the modern one! This one houses Mia and Kanani. Oh, and before anyone gets confused, these are in doll shelves. The bottom is Laylie's cabin, the middle is the equivalent of a junk drawer (*cough cough* future kitchen.) and then Molly's room, and the very top is this room.
 Here is the overview. The bunk bed isn't American Girl, even though it says that on the side. It's just glittery sticky letters.
 Okay so starting off we have this sitting area. The bean bag is an old t-shirt stuffed with socks, and the side table is a coffee can covered with duct-tape. On top of the table is a little bookshelf with some books inside and on top of it. Kanani's guitar is leaning up against the wall.
 The desk area is primarily Mia's, as it has her Macbook and iPod on it. The pencils are little tiny real ones and two that I made. The DSLR is Kanani's. It's just a cheap little yellow camera covered in black duct tape.
 This is Mia's bed! She has the lower bunk. On it is a quilt I made for her with her favorite color, purple. Also on top is her doll (custom Felicity) her dog, and a few stuffed animals. I have one of her skating medals hanging up next to the pillows.
And Kanani has the upper bunk. Her quilt is actually a pillow case, just folded up to the right size. At the foot is her huge collection of sand stuffed animals. On the walls are all sort of posters, one from her favorite shows and different Animal posters. The weird hanging orange light is a reading light, but it hardly works anymore.

So, that's my modern girls room!


  1. Can you show us a tour of the cabin and the kitchen once it's finished?

    1. Yes! I'll be able to to the cabin soon, possibly next week or maybe a few days after that. . . (I'm rearranging it a bit ;D )


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