~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Friday, May 3, 2013

Kanani's New Curls!

Yesterday, I took out Kanani's curls. They've lost there twist and a lot of there life, so on Sunday, I decided to re-curl them.
 This time around, I made sure the were a TON tighter, and much closer to her scalp. Excuse the funky front curl, I had to spray them down every day, and I didn't want a floppy wet curl in her eyeball ;)
Here's the first one. The second I took them out, they very bouncy, and they still are! One of the major things I like of her hair after I curl it, is that the ends are all tightly together, and not looking like... well, not pretty.
Oh her curls are so gourgeus! So bouncy, soft, and very smooth. I can't get enough of them.
Here's a front view. In conclusion, they're in some ways more corkscrew like, and less of the prefect AG ones. (they have fallen out slightly by now)

If you would like to re-curl your Kanani's hair, look at Mia's instagram: www.instagram.com/miaskatergirl.

Have an AWESOME day,

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  1. I tried to curl Saige's hair, but it didn't work. How long do you keep it in for?


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