~previously American Girl Imagination

~previously American Girl Imagination~

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Molly's Adventure - Part Two

And we now returned to the scheduled programming... Yes that's right, I finally photographed it. :D (Haven't read part one? Click here to read it)

 At the sight of the Tiger, Molly quickly scurried down the nearby ladder, and in the backdoor. She knew her brother had a gun some where.. she just had to locate it. 

 Seconds later she appeared again, a grim look of determination on her face. In her outstretched hand she held a gun-- her brother's pretend pop gun, mind you.
 The tiger was no longer in sight. She ran very carefully over to the tree and called up it. "All look outs to ground, watch carefully for a deadly tiger, striped, moving at amazing speeds..." She backed up to the tree and again scanned her surroundings. The tiger was gone!
 She peered over fence out at the woods. Suddenly she noticed a small brown blur whiz by.

 "Aha! Hold the fort, I'll be back!" She cried as she took off running, frantically waving her gun in the air. "I'm coming to get you Tiger!"
 Once she arrived the the outskirts of the wild jungle, she slunk behind a nearby tree. The Tiger had again disappeared. There was no movement in the dense jungle brush.
  Out of the blue (or should I say out of the green) came running two furious cats, one a tiger, the other a stealthy panther!
 Molly, determined, held up her gun. The Tiger simply sat and gave her a look of "GRRR I'm a furious monster!!"But, upon looking closer at said beast, Molly lowered her gun. It was adorable!
Suddenly Molly froze. Coming up on her side was a smooth, silky, black figure, rubbing agaisnt her. Shaking she dropped her gun. The panther was right next to her!
 Molly screamed and pelted out of the woods back to the house. Those tricky cats! Looking cute while the other ambushes from behind. "Cats!" She shouted indignantly. Without looking back she continued running all the way to the back door, and slammed it as she walked in.
"Never trust cats!" Molly said quickly, out of breath. Emily looked up to see her friend, dressing up her dolls. "Never!"
Emily blinked confused. Molly did this sort of thing, leaving with one goal and coming back defeated in something completely different. It must be American.
"Well," She smiled. "I see you found an adventure!"

Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day :D (or rest of day, considering it's super late now)

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  1. I love this! I agree with Molly, cats are cute but tricky! :)


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